Physics 4-18-13 Sound Intensity and Resonance

PHYSICS: Here’s a blast from the past on sound intensity and resonance. Hopefully the mic will be fixed soon!

Couple of items to apply for discussion – so how does the whole hearing thing work? I mean, I know the little bones in your ear move, but why? Is resonance involved? Great item for application/discussion. And here’s another – why would different violins produce different sounds? I mean, is a Stradavarius valued so highly just because of the name? Let’s talk more about that!

Hon Chemistry 4-18-13 Chapter 8 Overview

HON CHEMISTRY: Great review today! Since we didn’t have a mic, and since several of you were absent, I dug up an old chapter 8 review vodcast from a regular chem class. I think it will be very helpful for you. Even if you were in class today, I think it’d be a great help!!

New homework for tonight: Study for a possible quiz tomorrow on the 17 rxns and the activity series. It could also very possibly have a few equations to complete and balance. 🙂

Did you get the message? Test moved to Monday! Practice tonight, and make sure you have everything memorized. You can get help in memorizing the 17 types of chemical reactions on (and also on the polyatomic ions from last semester). Here’s a link to the 17 types of reactions on quizlet that Nicholas did last year –

Another source of help is your online textbook at Click on the “Visual Concepts” or “Review Activities” tabs at the top of the chapter page for the extra tutorials and quizes. I love you and I’ll be praying for you as you study for your test!!