Hon Chemistry 11-6-12 Intro to the Atomic Theory

HON CHEMISTRY – Hey guys, here’s the lecture from Tuesday on the introduction to atomic theory. Great start on comparing Dalton’s Atomic Theory and the Modern Atomic Theory. How close do you think they’ll be?

Isn’t God awesome to give us minds to understand the world around us – even the parts we can’t see. Let’s take it up again tomorrow!

flickr photo by law keven


Chemistry 11-6-12 Moles, Mass, Atoms Problems Practice

CHEMISTRY – So, how big a bucket do you think we’d need for a mole of candy corn? Yum! 🙂 Here’s the short review we did on the mole, mass, atoms problems. Did it help?

Remember the conversion factors, and think through the problems. Here’s a hint that works for me – put units first and then numbers. Make sure what you’re doing has a reason and makes sense!

Image by Evan-Amos