Physics 11-13-12 Net Vertical Force

PHYSICS: So, would you ever jump out of a plane? Way too much craziness for me! Thanks, Katie, for diving off the lab station for us!!

How was net vertical force? Great job on the problems, but don’t forget things like terminal velocity and the why! And I still don’t know what’s so funny about a fish in an elevator??

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Chemistry 11-13-12 Empirical Formulas

CHEMISTRY: So, would you like to be Greg on CSI? Great start on empirical formulas today!

The hardest part is that it’s not a set formula for you to plug and play, but if you’ll keep in mind that you’re really just looking for subscripts which are just moles, you’ll be able to think it through. Percent to mass, mass to moles, moles to smallest whole number ratio. Tomorrow we’ll talk about a little step you might have to add at the end. Also tomorrow, quiz?!?

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