Hon Chemistry 11-8-12 Structure of the Atom, Pt. 2

HON CHEMISTRY – Hey guys, here’s the lecture from Thursday on how scientists discovered protons and neutrons. You know, in class today I just gave you one name to go with each, but do you think these men did all the work by themselves? Why don’t you ask me about that tomorrow?

Make sure you know the name of the scientists, the name of their experiments, be able to draw a diagram of their experiment, and describe how they interpreted the experimental results that led to their discoveries. Don’t forget about the video clips we watched in class, they’ll help you review the different experiment that the guys like Thompson and Rutherford did. Here’s the one on The Discovery of the Nucleus. And again – do you think there could be anything smaller than protons, neutrons, and electrons? Hmmmmm……

P. S. Did you figure out what was in your atom?

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Physics 11-8-12 Friction & Forces on an Incline

PHYSICS: Girl on a sled coasts down a hill… Is it starting to make a little more sense?

Here’s the thing. You can watch me do a thousand problems (okay, maybe not a thousand – but a lot!), and it won’t help. That’s what today was about. I don’t want you to copy what I do, I want you copy why I’m doing it. Make sense? You’re getting it…keep sledding and watch out for net forces!

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Chemistry 11-8-12 Formula Mass & Molar Mass

CHEMISTRY: So how many water molecules are in that drop? Here’s the lecture from today on formula mass and then using molar mass as a conversion factor. You did a great job on thinking through the problems! Now go forth and practice them so you don’t forget!

By the way, were you ready for the quiz today? What about tomorrow? Don’t give up – keep working on memorizing polyatomic ions, acids, and the chemical names for those common substances you researched. Hey – have you tried making a song?

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