Physics 9-19-12 Intro to Vectors

PHYSICS – Hey guys, great job today on the intro to vectors – graphical vector addition, resultants, and the like. Have you done anything like this before? We’ll spend tomorrow practicing adding vectors graphically. Great start today – and thanks for letting me play with the cute little applet! Don’t forget your protractor and graph paper tomorrow!

flickr photo by Jon.B.

Hon Chemistry 9-18-12 Energy

HON CHEMISTRY – Happy Wednesday! Great job on the first part of the conservation of mass lab! Are you ready for part 2? Don’t forget your goal – no error!

Here’s the lecture from yesterday on energy – the law of conservation of energy, endothermic/exothermic, and potential and kinetic energy. BTW – Can you follow the conservation of energy in bungee jumping?

flickr photo by 𐂀 jgraham