Hon Chemistry 9-20-12 Classification of Matter

HON CHEMISTRY: Wow – you were busy today! Good job in lab. How much error did you have? Any questions about the lab report? Make sure to show your calculations after the observations/data table. Also, be sure and give a reason in your conclusion for any error you might have had.

Here’s the lecture on the classification of matter – we’ll finish up tomorrow with the characteristics of pure substances. How are you doing on the examples of homogeneous and heterogeneous matter? Here’s a question to think about, can you tell me three different types of homogeneous matter?

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Chemistry 9-20-12 Intro to Chemistry

CHEMISTRY: We’re finally starting what chemistry is all about! Here’s the lecture from Thursday on the intro to chemistry. Tomorrow let’s talk about making applications with the branches of chemistry and types of scientific work! As you go through the chapter, make sure you have the vocab down, and be sure you’re able to apply what you learned each day.

BTW – Have you started learning the symbols of the elements? Is that something you’ve had to do in your other classes? Don’t forget to check out the earlier webpost on quizlet.com. It’s a great way to begin memorizing them! 🙂

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