Physics 8-17-12 Human Density Lab

PHYSICS: Great job guys – who knew water displacement could be so much fun! 🙂 Thanks Katie and Will!! Good job moppers, and fillers, and counters, and recorders! Now for the lab report. Remember to include that final question in your conclusion – “So why can or can’t some humans float?” And don’t forget – I’m very, very interested in your experimental design, i. e., how’d you gather your data, how are you presenting your data, sig figs, calculations, etc.

Water, water, everywhere! I’ve posted some pics on Flickr – the link is below. Have a great weekend and Senior Retreat!!

Flickr: Human Density Lab – 2012


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8 thoughts on “Physics 8-17-12 Human Density Lab

  1. Hey Ms. Skinner, do you have a specific place you want us to put on calculations for this lab? Or do you would you like us to just get creative with it in our lab book?

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