Physics 8-27-12 Velocity Problems 2

PHYSICS – Velocity problems from Monday – you did a great job on these! Now let’s see what you can do on your own! r you.

Good luck on those five problems. No peeking! Try not to look at your notes, but if you do, work it again without your notes! And make sure to do more than just show the math – be sure that I can also follow your logic in the formulas. Ditto with units, etc. Don’t give up on the tortoise and the hare. A couple of hints: remember the distance the tortoise travels is the same as the distance the hare travels plus the extra 20 cm he was ahead. Also, the time the hare raced is equal to the time of the tortoise minus those two minutes he rested. Now go have fun! πŸ™‚

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Chemistry 8-27-12 SI Measurement, Pt. 2

CHEMISTRY – Hey guys, here’s another picture of those “high density” koi that I was telling you about in class today. I saw then when I got to visit my brother in Hawaii, at the Dole Pineapple Plantation, of all places!

So do you feel comfortable with the fundamental and derived units/formulas that we’ve discussed? Here’s the lecture from Monday. Be sure and practice the density problems and we’ll double check them tomorrow. Speaking of tomorrow, can you apply what you know about density?

On a more practical side, how is your balance coming? Have you figured out how density plays a major part in how it works? Here are the actual masses. Are your answers close to these? If not, what could be some reasons? Make sure you include that in your conclusion. Holler if you have any questions! πŸ™‚

β€’ Penny: 3.10 g before 1982, 2.50 g after
β€’ Nickel: 4.95 g
β€’ Dime: 2.25 g
β€’ New state quarter: 5.68 g

Hon Chemistry 8-27-12 Accuracy, Precision, & Intro to Significant Figures

HON CHEMISTRY – So which is more important, accuracy or precision? Good question! Here’s the lecture from Monday on just that. Don’t lose that percent error formula – you’ll use it all year!

And then, drum roll please, just what you’ve been waiting for – your first intro into significant figures! Go on, be happy!!

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