Chemistry 8-22-12 Using the Scientific Method, Pt. 1

CHEMISTRY – Hey guys, here’s the lecture from Wednesday on the scientific method – well, at least the first part. We’ll finish talking about designing experiments tomorrow.

I know you’ve heard it for umpteen years, but make sure you can APPLY what you’ve learned about the scientific method. You’ll have your chance with Ooblek tomorrow. Make sure you read the Oobleck lab sheet – and be sure and bring it to class!

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Hon Chemistry 8-21-12 Using the Scientific Method

HON CHEMISTRY – I’m telling you, I really can make gold pennies! Well, maybe not, but how could you use the scientific method to go about testing that?

Did you experience deja vu yesterday? Well, I figure we’ve been talking about tools we will use in chemistry, so why not the scientific method? Here’s the lecture from Monday. Did you have fun with Oobleck today? Is it a solid? liquid? neither? Let’s talk about it tomorrow!

By the way, since today was a short class period and we didn’t have time to talk about the take home lab on Building a Balance, I’m extending that due date to Monday. I have some supplies you can borrow for it if you need them. Fun times! 🙂