Physics 8-13-12 Using Measurements in Physics

PHYSICS – Hey guys, here’s an overview we did on the SI system. (You might want to pause and let it load before you play it.) You remembered a lot! Were you surprised at yourself? The hardest part, I think, will be getting back in the habit of showing all your work, using units, sig figs, etc. Hope the review over the last couple of days has helped! We’ll finish reviewing sig figs tomorrow.

Chemistry 8-13-12 Steps to Lighting a Bunsen Burner

CHEMISTRY – Great job lighting Bunsen burners today! We’ll continue with Part 1 tomorrow – the experiments with the Bunsen burner, and then watch the safety video in class. Then we’ll be back on schedule!
(Girls – don’t forget closed toed shoes!)

Here’s something you might useful in the future…everything you wanted to know about a Bunsen burner and how to light it. πŸ™‚

Chemistry 8-13-12 Lab Safety & Procedures

CHEMISTRY: Thank you for being so flexible today!! Here is the video on lab safety. It is a ton of info, and the thing is, you absolutely must know it – and not just for the test, but also throughout the year in lab. The video is in four parts. You can click on the fast forward arrow at the bottom to go to the next part

Don’t forget that your syllabus for what’s due when! πŸ™‚