34 thoughts on “Chemistry Help Session Thursday Morning….. & No. 4

    • Anna – Yes, you can assume everything has in it what it says. btw – don’t actually write the identity of things here. Let everyone find out for themselves. 🙂

  1. on our 3d molecule presentation, when it say two views does that mean two angle of the same model or two different model?

  2. Is #1, the “Broken blade from the airplane propeller”, made from any particular material, or do we choose as long as it really could be made from that?

    Also, is it dull or sharp (or do we choose as long as it is realistic)?

  3. started the project this weekend I dont think that it is gonna be as hard as people make it out to be…but lots of time

    • Ellen – Email it to yourself, then you can save it to the server when you get to school. You are welcome to come use the computers in my room if the computer lab is booked.

  4. Ms. Skinner, if we use our text book as a source for the project, do we treat as we wouldone of the sources in the school’s library as far as not needing to make copies or anyting?

  5. For the works cited on the project for Internet sources, do we put the date that it was published, or do we put the date we found it?

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