Hon Chemistry 2-6-12 Atomic Radii & Ionization Energy

HON CHEMISTRY: Hey guys, here’s the lecture on the first periodic trends – atomic radii and ionization energy. You made some great connections today!

Don’t forget the element videos in Vodpod collection below. To review the properties and uses of the elements for the test,it would be a really great idea for you go back and view hydrogen, potassium, mercury, copper, arsenic, phosphorus, and chlorine. And you might just learn something along the way! You can view the videos on these and all of the elements on this cool website, periodicvideos.com. Just click on the elements, it’d be a great review as you start to prepare for the test. Wait – did I say test?!?

Chemistry 2-6-12 Chapter 4 Test Review

CHEMISTRY: Good luck studying for the chapter 4 test! Here is the vodcast that we did of the chapter 4 review for honors chemistry. You may find it helpful. Have youprinted out the study suggestion sheet from Edline? Remember, it’s on Edline and also on the post I did about the last help session. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to memorize the things you need to memorize so that you can apply them on the test. And practice, practice, practice, the problems and electron configurations.

What about applications for discussion? Photoelectric effect, spectroscopy, etc.? Another great idea for studying is to watch the videos that we watched in class that are in the VodPod collection below. Especially good would be Animated Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Mechanics, and Emission Spectrum of Hydrogen.

Good luck! I’m praying for you!!

flickr photo by Curtis Gregory Perry