Hon Chemistry 1-10-12 Hydrogen Emission Spectrum & Bohr Model

HON CHEMISTRY: I figured anybody who ditched his honeymoon to finalize his work on atomic theory deserved to have his picture on our website. (And, by the way, great job making like electrons today – way to role play!)

So, do you think he’s right – or wait, are they waves? What did you think of the animated version of the double slit experiment? Corny, I know, but it really has a ton a great, very accurate information. Let’s talk more Monday and see what you think then. By the way, I’ll put it in the Vodpod below, if you’d like to review it again.

Image source www.atomicarchive.com/Images/bio/B23.jpg

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5 thoughts on “Hon Chemistry 1-10-12 Hydrogen Emission Spectrum & Bohr Model

    • Nirali – It’s due in two days. Remember, if I don’t give you a due date on the syllabus, then you have two days to turn it in.

  1. Is it just the metals in the compounds that produce the color light that we saw or is it also determined by the other elements in the compound as well?

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