Hon Chemistry 9-1-11 Conversion Factor Problems Review, etc.

HON CHEMISTRY – Hey guys, guess what I found – will it help you in working problems? Here’s an old review of a few harder/different conversion factor problems and a percent error problem snuck in at the end. Good luck as you begin studying for the test – did you remember that it’s just a week from today?

BTW – go to Edline and look under “Tests” and you might find something that will help a lot as you begin to study. Yes, it’s time to begin studying; no, it’s not too early. And if you need extra practice on anything, don’t forget the help session tomorrow morning! Make a list tonight of the problems you need help with or questions you have. See you tomorrow!

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Physics 9-1-11 Acceleration, Pt. 2

PHYSICS: Hey guys, here’s the last of the acceleration formulas. Good job with the derivations! You’re doing really well with them – stay with it! Carefully examine what you know with the formulas you have that might fit. And if they don’t, examine what you do know that could lead you to what you need to know. You know? 🙂

Tonight’s problems might be a little challenging, but you can do it!! Do you need some extra practice rearranging the formulas, or just working the problems? Help session next Tuesday morning. Somebody better text me!

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Chemistry 9-1-11 Conversion Factors

CHEMISTRY – Great job with conversion factors today! And thanks for being so patient with the computer and its operator! I’m posting a lecture from last year so that hopefully it won’t have as many interruptions and complications. How’s the homework going? Make sure you practice using your notes tonight, it’ll help you remember the steps we followed today in class. You’re doing great!

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