Hon Chemistry 9-1-11 Conversion Factor Problems Review, etc.

HON CHEMISTRY – Hey guys, guess what I found – will it help you in working problems? Here’s an old review of a few harder/different conversion factor problems and a percent error problem snuck in at the end. Good luck as you begin studying for the test – did you remember that it’s just a week from today?

BTW – go to Edline and look under “Tests” and you might find something that will help a lot as you begin to study. Yes, it’s time to begin studying; no, it’s not too early. And if you need extra practice on anything, don’t forget the help session tomorrow morning! Make a list tonight of the problems you need help with or questions you have. See you tomorrow!

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20 thoughts on “Hon Chemistry 9-1-11 Conversion Factor Problems Review, etc.

  1. I’m really glad you have us put the Q formula on our paper before we actually work it. If I didn’t I’m sure I would be completly lost.

  2. I agree with Mary Grace! From writing the formulas so much, I remember them better.
    On our homework, it asked about sig figs in conversion factors. Do we count sig figs in conversion factors?

  3. On number 58, it asks for sig figs, how do we determine sig figs in a conversion factor? On page 50, it says conv. factors are considered exact so would this also count our calculated conversion factors?

  4. I am glad you taught us how to set up our formulas with the untis, so we could cross them out and see which units we have left over as a way to check to see if we did the problem right.

  5. On number 10 for our homework tonight, its about direct and inverse proportions. Im not sure how to work it but i read the section. Are we going to go over this in class?

  6. I was curious to know as where are homework is. It says Graphing Exercise 1 and I cannot find the location of Exercise 1 in our book. Where is it?

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