Chemistry 9-29-11 Classification of Matter

CHEMISTRY: Here’s a mixture that looks like it might be worth investigating. I mean, I like caramel popcorn, but bacon caramel popcorn? Hmmmm…. So now that you know about mixtures, could you figure out how to separate one? Keep these notes handy! Meanwhile, you’ll get to finish the chapter tomorrow. Good luck as you finish memorizing the symbols of the elements. And don’t forget that extra credit is due tomorrow!

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Physics 9-29-11 Relative Motion

PHYSICS – We finally made it to the end of chapter 3! Here’s the lecture from Thursday on relative motion. (And I think there is an angular projectile motion problem at the end.) You know, we’ve done most of this already. The only new part is the motion of objects in the same direction and opposite directions, relative to each other. Don’t forget, you’ll use what you learned about vector addition to work those “boat goes across a river” and “plane experiences a head wind” types of problems.

I’m looking forward to hearing how the problem review in class on Friday goes. I think it will be great hearing from each other how you work the problems. And holler here via a comment if you have a question or need help. Did we decide on a help session either Monday or Wednesday morning? Somebody let me know. Good luck studying for the test. I’ll be praying for you!

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