Physics Test on Chapter 3, 2-D Motion

PHYSICS: So you ready for that test tomorrow? Since the help session isn’t until tomorrow morning, I thought I’d go ahead and post a couple of old reviews on the homework and worksheet problems (2 different vodcasts from last year). Don’t forget what you should do to start – Draw a picture, write what you know, resolve the resultant velocity into vertical and horizontal if you need to, and find formulas that fit (because it will hardly ever be solved with just one) and go for it!!

If you are talking angular projectiles, the resultant velocity is actually made up of two things – horizontal velocity and vertical velocity. The horizontal velocity never changes, the vertical velocity has a different direction going up and coming down, but it has the same speed at equal levels. If you’re talking horizontal projectiles, the resultant velocity is the same as the horizontal velocity of the gun, because that’s the only kind of initial velocity it has! Relative motion is even easier – just use the Pythagorean theorem and tangent, and use horizontal to find horizontal and vertical to find vertical. Good luck!!

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Physics 9-23-11 Component Vector Addition – Practice

PHYSICS – I do believe you are well on your way to conquering the component method of vector addition. Good job! Here’s the lecture/practice from Friday. Pay careful attention to the smallest details – it can make a huge difference. Happy Homecoming!!

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Physics 9-21-11 Component Method of Vector Addition

PHYSICS – Great job today!! You conquered the graphical method of vector addition, you are also going to do a great job with the component method. Give yourself a chance to get used to it and it will click, I promise! Here’s the lecture from Wednesday.

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Physics 9-19-11 Intro to Vectors

PHYSICS – Hey guys, here’s the lecture from Monday on vectors – graphical vector addition, resultants, and the like. Have you done anything like this before? We’ll spend tomorrow practicing adding vectors graphically. Great start today – and thanks for letting me play on the Smart board! Don’t forget your protractor and graph paper tomorrow!

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