Physics 9-19-11 Intro to Vectors

PHYSICS – Hey guys, here’s the lecture from Monday on vectors – graphical vector addition, resultants, and the like. Have you done anything like this before? We’ll spend tomorrow practicing adding vectors graphically. Great start today – and thanks for letting me play on the Smart board! Don’t forget your protractor and graph paper tomorrow!

flickr photo by Jon.B.

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14 thoughts on “Physics 9-19-11 Intro to Vectors

  1. So if you have two vectors plotted from the same point, could you find the hypotenuse from those two points or do you have to do head to tail?

  2. Yay! I understood the vector worksheet! I have a problem I plan on figuring out sometime this week, and if we have time, I think it’d be fun for the class to work it together for practice! I plan on figuring out which way from my house to church is faster by using family has been arguing about it for years. Well, fear not Grices, because Physics Megan is here to save the day!

    • Megan – WhooHoo!! You do it – the Grice vector problem, I mean, and figure out how to work it into a presentation, and I’ll let it count in place of the Alternative Assessment that is due next Monday!

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