Physics 1-25-16 Torque & Rotational Equilibrium

PHYSICS: Welcome to the first day of a brand new chapter in physics – one of the last we’ll do on mechanics!! Here’s the lecture on torque – a different kind of motion involved. So how’s the balance in your life right now?

Physics 1-25-16 Torque from Tammy Skinner on Vimeo.

Physics 2-9-12 Chapter 7 Review, Circular Motion & Gravitation

PHYSICS – Wow, there were a lot of you missing today. Here’s the review we did on chapter 7 – torque, circular motion, rotational dynamics, and Newton’s law of universal gravitation. Today we also we over the derivations behind #8b on the circular Motion Worksheet 2 and numbers 6 and 17 from the end of chapter review.

Help session Friday morning, 7:15ish A.M. Hold on to your homework if you’d like to use it to study. Just be sure and give it to me tomorrow. Good luck studying for the test – I’ll be praying for you!

flicke photo by Thomas Hawk