3 thoughts on “Physics 4-5-24 Wave Interference

  1. This week was honestly not bad at all. I enjoyed a little break from all the book work. I performed one of the most frustrating labs ever. It was definitely difficult to do because nothing seemed to work and i didn’t fully understand what or why I was doing certain things in the lab. It did make it all worth it because now that it is done I do understand 10x better spring constant and the purpose of the lab. I feel like my project is going fairly well, and I am actually having a lot of fun creating and coming up with new ideas for it. I also really enjoy learning about waves.

  2. This week was a lot of fun with us learning about waves. I really like learning about the different types of waves and seeing them in the slinky for just a bit today. And our rube goldberg is going well and we should be able to finish it soon. So overall it was a good week for physics.

  3. This week was interesting because of the in-class demonstrations about waves and learning about how different values like wavelength and frequency are related. The bungee jumping egg was a little frustrating to do repeatedly, but I was glad to finally finish the lab. I feel like I better understand the applications of the spring constant and how to make connections between old concepts and what we’re learning now.

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