Hon Chemistry 1-29-24 Percent Yield

HON CHEMISTRY: So are you a cookie dough lover? Not me – I like my cookies crispy!

Here’s the last of the applications of stoichiometry problems – percent yield. Lots easier that limiting reactants I think. You realize what we’ve done… we’ve finished the chapter!! Now let’s see if you can apply what you know – good times!

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6 thoughts on “Hon Chemistry 1-29-24 Percent Yield

  1. S: This week I am struggling with understanding how to do percent yields. I understand the basics, but I fail to think through it. In order to overcome this, I am going to rework and rewatch problems by saying out loud and verbally participating on my own time. I know we have a test and in order to complete it correctly, I plan to keep trying and asking questions to get over this struggle.

  2. This week I struggled with understanding how to do limiting reactants and percent yields. I could not get the big mama extra large problems. In order to solve this problem I am going to work problems like it and rework the ones I missed.

  3. This week I struggled with understanding the new concepts and getting good at solving more complex problems. In order to help fix this I will practice more of the problems and rewatch the Vodcasts in which we worked them.

  4. This week I have struggled with working out all of the big problems and understanding them all the way through. Percent yields and limiting reactant problems have also been tough for me. I can fix this by going in the book and working through these types of problems. I can also go back and watch how to work the big problems.

  5. Recently, I have been struggling a lot with advanced problems including stoichiometry and percent yield. The hardest part for me is breaking down exactly what the word problem is saying. When someone lays out a roadmap for me, I can solve them with no issues. I struggle when I’m trying to think through it on my own. To overcome this, I have been practicing these bigger problems. I make my own road map to better understand where to begin and what formulas I need to use. This has helped me immensely when trying to solve advanced problems.

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