Physics 1-18 & 19-24 Torque & A Look at Rotational Equilibrium

PHYSICS: Happy Snowpocalypse! Today you get a head start on the next chapter. Here’s a short look at torque and another kind of equilibrium. Interact with the vodcast! Answer out loud, take notes, make a list of any questions you have. For Friday, you’ll do the “homework” that usually goes with that lesson.

In the meanwhile, don’t forget that you’ll have a test pretty soon after we get back. Check the syllabus for the date – and continue studying and practicing for that! And if I’m not mistaken – there’s a lab report due soon? Hmmmmm….

So how’s the balance in your life right now? 😉

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5 thoughts on “Physics 1-18 & 19-24 Torque & A Look at Rotational Equilibrium

  1. I feel pretty decent about the test over momentum today. I think I prepared more for the conceptual part than working on the problems, so I had to do more critical thinking in the problems section. I need to balance the two out more but it all depends on the material and what I am struggling with. This chapter felt deceptively easy, so I do think I should have studied more and definitely looked at the graphs more, but I’m slowly improving my confidence in my studying (hopefully I do well on this test).

  2. This week has been a week of growth for me. The test was a little difficult (I don’t know my grade so maybe it was harder than I thought) but I feel like I was familiar with the concepts. We used the concept of time and force today in our design challenge with the egg, and I feel that both groups used that to their advantage as we all were able to drop an egg safely from the ceiling. So this week I feel like I was able to exercise the knowledge I learned for the test.

  3. This week was better than in the past. The test was stressful and honestly i don’t know how i did. Butttt the egg drop was great. Madison and i worked together really well and our ideas worked better than i thought.

  4. I feel like I did well on the test this week, but I felt slightly unprepared for the problems compared to conceptual questions; in general, I think the conceptual questions for this chapter were easier than usual. Aside from the test, the rest of the week was fun because of activities like the egg drop and making preparations for the King of the Hill challenge. It was interesting to apply what we’ve learned and see the results while having knowledge of why everything worked. I’m also excited to build and test the King of the Hill car to see how well it performs.

  5. This week was pretty chill. I definitely think i prepared a decent amount for the test and I felt pretty confident about everything on the test. I think this week was definitely more challenging with our design challenges and I appreciated how the egg drop came full circle back to the previous lesson! I think i’m definitely ready to challenge myself for the King of the Hill!

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