Chemistry 1-9-24 Percent Composition

CHEMISTRY: Great job today! Way to apply chemistry to your everyday life!!

I think you’ll find that percent composition problems are super easy to catch on to. First, though, be sure you know which “type” of percent composition you’re trying to fine. Also make sure you can write chemical formulas (I won’t give them to you!) and that you’ve memorized the formulas for acids and those chemical names and formulas for common substances. It’s just plug and play from there! 🙂

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15 thoughts on “Chemistry 1-9-24 Percent Composition

  1. This week i have made sure to pay attention in class. I made sure to know the stuff and not just write down random notes.

  2. This week I’ve triumphed in the lab as me and my partner finished with time to spare even though we could have done it better however that’s just in hindsight at that moment it was the best we could think of

    • This week I’ve triumphed in time management during the lab we did on Friday and Monday. I also was very good at multi tasking when I was filtering and separating all the seeds out at the same time. I triumphed at time management because I set mini timers to ensure that I have enough time to clean up and write the tape on the reaction plate.

  3. This week I triumphed in not giving up after really wanting to.
    I also managed to finish my lab.
    I did this because I worked through the hard things first and calmed down.

  4. This week I triumphed in finishing my lab with some time to spare and handling well under pressure. There are somethings that I could have done better, but I know what I need to work on so I can improve.

  5. These week I triumphed in time management. Time management was something i have struggled with the past semester, but I have improved over the break. The management I took in ultimately led to me completing my lab.

  6. This week i was really good with controlling my time with the timed labed. I finished the whole thing and got all the pieces I needed. I was able to turn it in on time, and complete the entire thing.

  7. My triumph this week was that I have been on top of my homework so far. For me to do this I started to write all my assignments down in a weekly planner.

  8. This week I was able to focus during class on the percent composition, and understand that formulas that go with each set of information given. When finishing the lab for separating the mixtures, I was able to use my brain and think of the best possible solutions to get them separated and pure.

  9. This week I think I did well on homework and the lab we did this week. Because I’ve turned in all my homework on time. And during the lab we finished with about 5 mins to spare.

  10. This week I truimphed in the lab. I got through my struggles and got all my 4 substances in the reaction pure and on time.

  11. This week I truimph in understanding and actually doing my homework. Instead of waiting the last minute and not trying.

  12. This week, I triumphed by getting back into a routine by getting my chemistry homework done when I get home from school. This way I am not up late working on assignments due the next morning in first period.

  13. I really struggled first semester. One of the main things I struggled with was conversions. My goal for the 2nd semester is to try my very best to understand chemistry and the formulas that are needed to succeed in this class.

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