6 thoughts on “Hon Chemistry 10-3-23 Changes & Energy

  1. I rate this week a 4, because the week felt smoother than any other week. The honest reason I think that is because I did not have as much work as I usually do in each class. I also ended the term hitting my goal, which was all Aś.

  2. I rate this week a 1 out of 5. We did not have a lot of homework which was good, but also things happen, and I just need to stay on top of the everything.
    I really need to focus on my tests and homework, and I would definitely make better grades. Nest quarter I will try to spend more time on important assignments instead of wasting at home my time on my phone or other trivial things.

  3. Overall, I rate this week a 3 out of 5 due to the clumsy mistakes I made on the test that really damaged my grade. Next quarter I will combat this by making sure to pay attention to the minute details that I missed on this past test.

  4. I would rate this week a 3 out of 5. I was happy with what I made on the test and I was understanding what we were learning.

  5. I would rate myself 4 stars, because I was able to complete all the activities and labs this week. However, I made mistakes in certain labs that make me believe I am not worthy of 5 stars. The physics classroom activities were slightly difficult at first, and I should have been more prepared for them.

  6. I rate this week a 5. It was a 5 because I feel like I took good notes and understood what we were learning in class. We also didn’t have much work this week so that helped.

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