Chemistry 5-10-23 History of the Periodic Table & Overview of Blocks

CHEMISTRY: Great start to a new chapter – did you realize we did that?! First there’s a look at the homework. Then there’s our discussion of the history of the periodic table and a look at the properties of the groups of the periodic table. i decided to leap into the future and go ahead and put notes on all the blocks and groups in this vodcast.

Help session tomorrow, Thursday, 7:30 AM.

Hon Chemistry 5-10-23 Ionic vs. Covalent Bonds & Metallic Bonds

HON CHEMISTRY: Molten iron, wow! Here’s our review of drawing ionic bonds and our discussion of ionic vs. covalent bonding, followed by metallic bonding.

Aren’t you glad there are no structures to draw for metallic bonds?! Make sure you can use the electron sea model to explain the properties of metals. Also be able to compare and contrast all three types of bonds.