Chemistry 12-2-22 Moles, Mass & Molecules

CHEMISTRY: So the little mole turns out to be a pretty big deal – and a very handy tool!!

Awesome job today! Molar mass and Avogadro’s number – these are a couple of great tools! So now think through the problems and go forth and conquer!! Be sure and practice them so you don’t forget!

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21 thoughts on “Chemistry 12-2-22 Moles, Mass & Molecules

  1. Scientists have found that dry pet food is more environmentally friendly than wet pet food. They found that wet food production uses more land and water and emits more greenhouse gases than dry food. They are slowly finding how much various pet food impacts the environment. If the food contains human edible meat, a little adds up over time and can negatively affect the environment.

  2. We now have a supercomputer simulation that shows an animation of our universe changing. Our universe is changing from the cold and smooth gas cloud we have now to a lumpy scattering of galaxies we can see now. This is the best detailed and most accurately simulation we have of the universe. With this information we can learn more about our universe and how it works.

  3. This week I learned about why dandelion seeds are so good at spreading widely. According to research by American Physical Society’s Division of Fluid Dynamics, the dandelions are programmed to release seeds when coming in contact with winds from certain directions. Since each seed is able to be moved by winds of different direction, the seeds are prevented from all going in the same direction. This explains why the dandelion seeds are so easily widely spread.

  4. This week I researched how being sleep deprived make people less generous. Researchers say lack of sleep leads to heart disease, poor mood, and loneliness. When the hours change in daylight savings time researchers found that people tend to be less generous to each other, they tested this and in 1 of 3 experiments was it proved. They say Lack of sleep shapes the social experiences we are living in. TO test this they brought in 23 young adults who stayed up all night one night and went to sleep the whole night another night. 80% showed less likely to be generous when sleep deprived.

  5. Pollution, a word greatly heard here in the twenty first century. There are many ways that pollution is bad for humans, animals and the planet. Air pollution is one of the main types of pollutants that we face today, air pollution can weaken human lungs and impair lung function. The article that I read stated that inhaled particles from pollutants can muck up lungs over time and be the main cause of lung cancer, later causing death. When the lymph nodes become clogged up or build up with so much foreign material, they won’t work properly. The way to stop early death caused by air pollution is by stopping companies from burning their waste product into the air for humans and animals to later breath in.

  6. This week I researched about Hawaii’s Mauna Loa Volcano. With the many volcanos in the world, Hawaii’s Mauna Loa Volcano is the Earth’s largest active volcano. Scientists studied the active volcano more than 40 years ago, introducing more specific and precise theories about when the eruption will begin and what to do to keep yourself protected. Therefore, scientists may give us warnings but they are not sure on their part as well.

  7. This week I researched how wet dog food can be much more harmful to the environment than dry dog food. Scientist from the university of São Paulo in Brazil state that wet dog food uses much more water and land than dry dog food. They’ve also stated that it emits more greenhouse gases than dry dog food. After learning this scientist as well as nutritionist are trying to take more steps to finding a environmentally safe wet dog food product.


  8. This week I rate myself a 4. I rate myself a 4 because I made a 89 on my Pre-test and everything that I missed was carless mistakes that I knew.

  9. I rate this semester a 4/5. I am proud for all I have accomplished in chemistry so far this school year, and even through my failures God has helped and encouraged me to keep working hard. I have prioritized this class and I’ve worked very hard to keep my current grade that I am pleased with. I think I finally have a good grasp on what to expect for this class, which will help prepare me for harder lessons in the next semester.

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