Chemistry & Hon Chemistry 8-18-22 Derived Units & SI Measurements, Pt 2

CHEMISTRY: Great job with derived units and fine tuning how to properly write measurements so they’ll be easily read and understood! Now on to using what you know!!

HW INFORMATION: Your homework for tonight is the cLAB: The Physics Aviary Measuring Games. Get that handout here under the Worksheet/Handouts tab. Read the sheet carefully to see how you are going to turn in the assignment. Important: taking a screenshot is NOT taking a picture of the computer screen with your phone. That kind of screenshot is never accepted.

BTW – How are you doing with getting ready for the QUIZ on SI prefixes, Quantities & Units? It’s a ton of important info to know for the rest of the year. Practice, practice, practice it and don’t wait until the last minute!!

Photo by Carlos Irineu da Costa on Unsplash