10 thoughts on “Physics 9-21-21 Intro to Vectors

  1. One triumph I had this week was the velocity vs. braking distance lab we did. I was the driver for my group which was low-key scary when we were going 30 and 35 miles per hour, but my group and I did a good job keeping our braking spot and intensity the same throughout our lab so we were able to get pretty consistent data for both braking speed and distance. We were able to work well together and efficiently get through all of the velocities we needed to get done. The best part was we listened to Taylor Swift and didn’t hit the fence or any people once.

  2. S-Science In The News
    This week I read a news article on a development in energy saving technology. The researchers that the article was written on had developed a technique that would allow the force we exert when walking to be converted into energy. In their trials, the researchers discovered that wooden planks infused with certain chemicals would capture the most energy and would be the most efficient. This technology could be very useful in the future as we are constantly trying to find greener ways of producing energy.

  3. My struggle this weak was not knowing the lab equipment items. I overcame this by studying the PowerPoints and doing the activity on PowerSchool.

  4. S-Struggle: this week I struggled with my grade on the physics test. It killed my morale for the week, and it’s been hard to recover from it. I thought I had done really well on it, coming back from my injury, but I didn’t which set me back.

  5. This week, I would rate myself 4/5. I am very proud of myself on my first physics test, and I feel like I prepared myself as well as I possibly could. Also, I am proud of how my group worked together during our velocity vs. braking distance lab. I was very nervous about doing it, as I was not 100% present when we were designing the lab. But, we all worked together and communicated very well and I was extremely happy about how it went.

  6. Triumph!
    This week I had many triumphs. I did really good on all the big problems on our test, and I feel like I now have a much greater grasp on acceleration and velocity. Also, our breaking distance lab was very successful and we managed our time well. We were able to get enough measurements and make them as accurate as possible. Overall, this week was very successful in physics.

  7. This week I would rate myself a 3.5/5. I feel like I understood what we learned in class quite well, and I got a decent grade on my test from last week, although it could have been better, but I can learn from it. Additionally, it was fun doing the car lab, I feel like my group worked very efficiently and well together.

  8. This week I would rate myself a 2.8/5. I didn’t do as well as I would have hoped on my test because of careless mistakes, but I guess I know I need to work on making sure I find what the problem is looking for and make sure I copy the problem and my work correctly. I did feel as though our braking distance vs velocity lab went well, although I have yet to calculate and see how much error we had. I think our group worked together well and got done what we needed to get done.

  9. R – Reflection/Rate
    I rate myself a 2.7 on the Physics test. I did not fail, so that’s nice. However, I made a few careless mistakes that brought my grade down, and without just one of them, my whole letter grade would’ve improved. I did get full credit on a couple of the problems though, which was comforting. I also missed too many multiple choice questions. With this being my first Ms. Skinner test, all of this information will hopefully only help me to better prepare for our next test.

  10. This week I struggled with my physics test. Having to push it back so far made me feel overconfident in my own ability and slack on my studying the night before. Although it didn’t kill my grade it was still pretty rough. However now that I know what physics tests will look like I feel more prepared going into the rest of the year now that I know what exactly to expect on test day. I also felt overwhelmed with a lot of personal stuff happening at home and I’m starting to push schoolwork to the back of my mind but I will work on not doing that.

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