Physics 9-14-21 Chapter 2 Concepts Review

PHYSICS: Test Thursday! You can do this!! First here’s the conceptual review we did today, bumblebees, etc. At the end, we took a look the tossed/dropped bouquet problem.

God bless you as you prepare for the test! I’m praying for you!!!

Photo by Nicolas Häns on Unsplash

Science In the News Assignment

How can chemistry, physics – or any other type of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) be important to your everyday life? TONS of ways, and this year we’ll be using Science In the News to research just that!

You can find the Science In the News (SItN) assignment under the Worksheet/Handouts tab. Read the handout carefully to make sure that you follow all the guidelines for the assignment.

EXTRA IMPORTANT information about the assignment:

  • Choose a STEM article on websites like or
  • Make sure you pick an article you find interesting and that you understand!!
  • Make sure you pick an article that you can use to answer the questions on the Science In the News sheet. If there are questions you cannot answer with the type of article you have – pick another article!!!
  • The SItN assignment must be typed – double spaced. BUT you will have to scan in your illustration.
  • Type your name on your doc like you do for labs – name date, period in the top right corner
  • Convert your assignment as a PDF. Be sure and name the file correctly. The assignment name is Science in the News and the date of the assignment. Like this C1 Skinner, Tammy SItN 9-20-21
  • Turn in the assignment to both your Google Drive Shared Folder and