Physics 3-2-21 Bernoulli

PHYSICS: Were you amazed at the effect of change in surface area on the velocity of water, and especially the pressure of water, flowing through a tube? Thaaaaat explains how a calm ride on a lazy river can turn crazy in just a few seconds!

Today we concentrated on quantitative applications of Bernoulli’s Principle and a few practical applications. Tomorrow we’ll take a look at the problems and a couple more cool ways to apply Bernoulli!!

Chemistry 3-2-21 Stoichiometry

CHEMISTRY: Wow!! Great job today with stoichiometry!! Now it’s time to put everything you’ve learned from the last few chapters together. It’s like cooking – figuring out what you need to get what you want. Slightly different ingredients, though. Don’t forget molar mass and mole ratio!

Photo by Monika Grabkowska on Unsplash