Hon Chemistry: Science In the News Assignment

HON CHEMISTRY: How can chemistry, physics – or any other type of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) be important to your everyday life? TONS of ways, and this year we’ll be using Science In the News to research just that!

Click here for a link to the assignment – or you can also find it under the Worksheet/Handouts tab. Science in the New Assignment – REMOTE

IMPORTANT guidelines for the assignment:

  • Choose a STEM article on websites like sciencenewsforstudents.org or https://www.sciencenews.org/
  • Make sure you pick an article you find interesting and that you understand!!
  • Make sure you pick an article that you can use to answer the questions on the Science In the News sheet. If there are questions you cannot answer with the type of article you have – pick another article!!!
  • The SItN assignment must be typed . If you type, you will have to scan in your illustration.
  • You must copy/paste the actual article you used at the end of the questions you answer. Be sure and start a new page with the article. Don’t forget to highlight your article!!
  • Save/scan your assignment as a PDF. Be sure and name the file correctly.
  • Turn in the assignment to both your Google Drive Shared Folder and turnitin.com
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2 thoughts on “Hon Chemistry: Science In the News Assignment

  1. This week I would rate myself as a 4 on doing zoom and everything from home. I didn’t do a 5 because I think I could have been more efficient on finishing everything, but I did pretty well considering I’ve never done this before.

  2. There is a study in the field of parasitology, the study of parasites. This study is investigating the use of vaccines to protect humans from hookworm.

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