Chemistry 9-9-20 Donuts and Tape, Conversion Factor Problems

CHEMISTRY: So after all of our breakfast discussion in 1st period today, we probably should have work a problem with pop tarts instead of donuts! 🙂

How are you doing with these longer conversion factor problems? Remember, you’re not just trying to get an answer. Most importantly, you are learning to express a logical progression of thought – from one unit to another. Keep practicing until you can do it by yourself with no help!!

Here is the big donut problem and the other one we did in class today – how many uses from a couple cases of tape.

Photo by Anastasiia Chepinska on Unsplash

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8 thoughts on “Chemistry 9-9-20 Donuts and Tape, Conversion Factor Problems

  1. R: Reflection/Rate: I’d rate myself a 3 stars this week in chemistry. I am understanding the lesson, but I am still a little bit confused on certain things. I think this is happening just because I have never talked about these things unlike some of my classmates.

  2. This week, I would rate myself as 4 stars. This week was mostly working problems using material we’ve already gone over, and we did not learn a lot of new material. There were some problems I had trouble with, but that just means that I will work more of those problems to prepare for the test.

  3. Overall, I would rate myself a 3. While I’ve made an effort to learn and engage during class, I’ve still struggled with retaining what I learned and applying it.

  4. This week i would rate myself a 3. I do this because with remote learning i let myself drift away from study habits and payed less attencion due to not being in person. To fix this i will rewatch the notes and prepare for the test multiple days before.

  5. This week, I would rate myself as a 4. I’ve struggled to understand the information we learned this week in the past, but it’s really starting to click! That being said, I can always use more practice!

  6. I rate myself a 3. I understood the stuff we went over this week. I just struggled a little bit with the Q formula but the more I practice the better I’ll get.

  7. this week i would rate myself a 3/5 because i’m really struggling on understanding the information but i did make it to all my zoom classes this week and i will be needing a lot of practice to understand it.

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