Chemistry 9-10-20 Using Density & Conversion Factors

CHEMISTRY – Great work with some of the extra large problems today. I’ve splice together some of the classes, so this vodcast has #14 – converting from mm3 to mL, and #16 – how many glasses of water.

This is a pic of some “high density” koi that I saw in Hawaii (at the Dole Pineapple Plantation, of all places!). Great review on density problems today, and more! Remember, in chemistry we use math as a tool, therefore we might work problems a little differently in chemistry than you do in your math class.

When working these problems, don’t forget to follow the problem solving steps we discussed today:

  • Analyze – write down what you’re given and what you’re looking for
  • Plan – write a formula where you isolate the unknown on one side by itself
  • Compute – plug in your data, numbers and units; then cancel the units, and if they cancel correctly, go on to the calculator. Be sure and give your answer what the correct units.
  • Evaluate – does your answer make sense, have you used the correct units, do you have the correct sig figs?

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21 thoughts on “Chemistry 9-10-20 Using Density & Conversion Factors

  1. I would rate myself 1 star when it comes to q formula and conversion factor. I have always struggled with it and never was able to fully understand it. Even after all the practice and studying

  2. I would give me a 1 or a 2 star on the q formula. There is a lot to it and their Aton of steps. It has been stressful since we have been online and I would learn better in school.

  3. Right now I would rate myself a 1 but I know that I’m not understanding that well only because of online learning. Next week when we go back to school I think I’ll be much better.

  4. i would rate myself a 1. i am struggling alot right now in this class. I have never been good at conversions so this is a struggle for me , but im trying to go back on the videos and take more notes to help.

  5. I would rate myself a 3/5 stars because i can do them but i always miss the little things like putting the formula down or converting cubics correctly

  6. I would rate myself 3/5 stars with the Q formula. The thing that messes me up for the conversions is finding the Quantity given in the long problems that we just started working. I am going to watch the vodcasts and practice the more in depth problems to get better at them before the test.

  7. I would rate myself 3/5 because I sometimes forget certain steps of the q formula. I have started to understand them better however after the help sessions. I plan on watching the vodcasts to help me with these problems.

  8. I would rate myself a 3/5 because i tend to forget some of the steps when i doing conversions so i have to go back and fix them. I am going to do practice over the weekend and watch the vodcasts.

  9. I would rate myself 5/5 on the Q formula because I have been doing really well on the conversions and homework problems that we have had so far. I will practice to get even better so I can make a great grade on the test.

  10. I would rate myself a 2/5 stars this week. I understand most everything but it is impossible to pay attention in class over zoom. I also need to format homework correctly so I don’t get another 30 on homework. I will practice the Q formula and such to get better and hopefully I’ll be able to pay attention now that we will have actual class.

  11. i would rate myself 3 stars on the q formula because i can understand what to do but it’s hard to make sure everything is right without being careless.

  12. This week I rate myself a 4/5. While I think I did good keeping up with my work, I didn’t do good at going to bed on time and waking up with enough time to get ready for class. I think the latest I’ve gotten up was 8:12. Other than that small detail, I think I’ve done pretty good this week.I really enjoyed the gravity problems we’ve been working. The dropping ball problem seems a lot more possible now that I can see that it is just like the Nate and Elijah problems.

  13. I rate myself a 4/5 because I understand everything we are learning right now, but I need to take better notes. I will continue to study and learn like I am, but I will take better notes.

  14. I would rate myself a 2 on the formulas. Sometimes i can understand what i need to do but most times i get lost in the middle and it’s hard to pay attention over zoom.

  15. I would rate myself 4/5 on density problems, because I understand how to do most of them. However, there are a few that I don’t understand when it concerns converting the units.

  16. I would rate myself a 1/5 on the density problems. I struggle on getting the lessons to click especially on zoom when applying the math. I’ll be able to improve after I watch the videos again and practice.

  17. I would give myself a 3/5 because it took me a while to learn the si units and my WiFi was bad so I couldn’t understand everything and couldn’t get all the notes

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