Chemistry & Honors Chemistry – Exploring Remote Learning

CHEMISTRY: Welcome back! I’ve missed you guys!! This new way of learning is going to be a tad awkward for a while, but remember how you eat an elephant…! We’ll gradually build and add new aspects to what we do – lessons via vodcasts and hopefully very soon, video conferencing with the class. For now, though, baby steps! Be sure and explore the Remote Learning Page in your Chemistry page in PowerSchool.

Here’s where you begin. Go the Chemistry Page in PowerSchool Learning. Explore the Remote Learning Page and get comfortable with where everything is (especially the Discussion Board!)

  • Read the “What We’re Doing” block
  • Read the “Daily Expectations” block
  • Find the Discussion Board Tab
  • Let me know if you have any questions!

Now for the written part. Go to the Discussion Board in the Chemistry Page on PowerSchool Learning and enter the following in the Lost… Project Discussion Board:

  1. What is your biggest difficulty with the project?
  2. What question(s) do you have about the project?

FYI – There will be some changes to the project that I’ll let you know about very soon. For example, you are now going to be allowed to use eBooks as your book sources.

I’ll put the new project details on the class website as soon as I have everything finalized.

The web post topic for this week: Challenge. What’s been your biggest challenge in the last seven days (personal life or school life)? What are you doing to try face it?
(Let me know at some point what you think about this new deadline for web posts. Good? Bad? No opinion?)

This is going to be a great day!!

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112 thoughts on “Chemistry & Honors Chemistry – Exploring Remote Learning

  1. My biggest challenge is staying on top of work whilst still being in my house where all I want to do is be lazy. I’m going to attempt to wake up moderately early to get my work done in the morning so I can be lazy in the afternoon.

  2. My biggest challenge is forcing myself to actually be productive. I don’t feel as motivated to actually have a structured life right now. To try and face this problem I will try to have a structured week next week and do all my work early on. I think this is a stressful time, but we can all benefit from even the worst of situations.

  3. My biggest problem is trying to find my way around PowerSchool to be able to do my work, and be motivated to start it. To work on this I will make a weekly plan and go through each of my classes each day and do the work in the order I would have that class if we were in school to feel more normal.

  4. My biggest challenge is checking PowerSchool everyday and doing assignments online. To face this, I will plan my week and try to stay on top of things.

  5. My biggest challenge is procrastinating because since it’s online, its easier to fall behind and have assignments pile up

  6. My biggest challenge is procrastination because were online and I will forget and wait until the last minute to finish all of my assignments.

  7. My biggest challenge this week was doing all my stuff at the last minute because my powerschool wasn’t working and neither was the wifi.

  8. My biggest challenge is trying to complete all of my school work on time while combatting my laziness I have when I’m at home. To counter this, my mom and I have made a schedule that I will stick to weekly until I get back into school.

  9. My biggest difficulty has been sleeping too much. I haven’t been staying up late or anything, just my body won’t let me wake up sooner than noon every day, otherwise, I’m exhausted and sleep-deprived. I’m trying to set a sleep-time and a wake-up-time to fix it, though.

  10. My biggest challenge with online school has been PSL actually working. I actually do not mind this online school stuff at all, but it takes me forever because Powerschool keeps shutting down.

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