Hon Chemistry 3-2-20 Molecular Geometry Homework & cLAB

HON CHEMISTRY: Good job with Lewis structures and molecular geometry! Below is the very brief look at the homework we went over today. Holler if you decide we need to take a longer look, and we can schedule a help session.

Also we began the cLAB: 3D molecules today in class, and this vodcast will give you a head start on that assignment. Be sure and read the lab sheet BEFORE you get too far and especially before you turn in the assignment!!

Physics 3-2-20 Bernoulli UPDATED

PHYSICS: The Bernoulli can explain so much! Great job with the concepts today. Now take them and your new formulas and go back and tackle those problems from Friday! Remember the concepts that are behind the formulas!

UPDATE: Here’s a reboot of the fluid motion Bernoulli lectures – part 1 and part 2 from last year. These have all the info that didn’t make it to this year’s vodcasts.

Also, here’s Julius Sumner Miller Bernoulli video on YouTube if you missed him in class!

Fluid Motion & Bernoulli, Part 1

Bernoulli, Part 2