Physics 3-18-20 Paper Airplanes & Physics

PHYSICS: Welcome back! I’ve missed you guys!! This new way of learning is going to be a tad awkward for a while, but remember how you eat an elephant…! We’ll gradually build and add new aspects to what we do – lessons via vodcasts and hopefully very soon, video conferencing with the class. For now, though, baby steps! Be sure and explore the Remote Learning Page in your Honors Physics page in PowerSchool.

So what do you remember about Bernoulli? And lift? Use the thLAB: Paper Airplanes & Physics on the class website (and the Internet, You Tube, etc.) as a review and design your own, best paper airplane.

Next, build and test at least two different types of planes. Record the pertinent data and make a video of your longest flight. Then, go to the Discussion Board in PowerSchool Learning and enter the following:

  1. Your longest flight time
  2. Your longest flight distance
  3. Photo of your two (or more) best airplanes. (Let me know if you can’t do this in the Discussion Board. We may have to move this part to Google Drive. For now, it’s a way for me to see what the Discussion Board is capable of allowing.)

Finally, upload a VIDEO of your longest flight to your Shared folder. Save as P5 Last Name, First Name Paper Airplane Physics Video

Today is going to be a great day!!

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17 thoughts on “Physics 3-18-20 Paper Airplanes & Physics

  1. Hello world! I am alive yes! This week has been nothing short of amazing in my eyes. I have stayed up until 2a every night and started my schoolwork at 12p. This schedule is so awesome for me and I am loving the online schooling (well, except for that dang cat). I have spent so much more time with family and with my friends on Xbox that I just am loving life. The only thing I hate is social distancing and that we may miss fun senior stuff. However, until we cancel those things, I am going to enjoy this moment. The paper airplane activity was great and pushed my knowledge of Bernoulli. I was very impressed with my distance for doing it inside. Greetings and my best wishes to everyone else quarantined in their houses right now!

    • H – You just made my heart happy! Thank you for the example of your optimistic spirit. I know it doesn’t come from you, but from the Jesus in you! Thank you for letting me see it welling up and spilling over!

  2. This has been such an interesting week. Even though I have much more time to do my homework, I find it even harder to sit down and get my work done (funny how that works). Social distancing has been strange, but at least we have technology in this day and age to continue communicating with our friends. It has been strange jumping back into Physics under these circumstances and after such a long time, but I think after a while it will feel like normal. I hope that my sleep schedule gets back to normal, and that is what I am going to be working on the most next week probably!

  3. I am not going to remember to do this on Sunday so Harrison reminded me to do it today! This week I have been unusually productive! I’ve gotten all of my work done so I will have my weekend free to have fun and work on scholarships. I have spent a lot of time with my brothers, so that has been super fun! I know God has blessed me with that, as I am about to go to college. I also am able to facetime friends, so that helps with social distancing. A struggle: sometimes I get bored! Yikes. I have a huge list of things I want to accomplish during this quarantine but sometimes I tend to resort to watching Netflix. Hopefully I’ll be able to check some of those off! The paper airplane lab was fun and I loved being able to let Luke help me with it! He insisted he threw better than me. I hope everyone is staying healthy!

  4. I absolutely hate social distancing. I am not made for this. I need routine and to get out of this house. Actually, I’m not getting behind or anything, but the whole no school thing makes it insanely easy to procrastinate, which is something I usually don’t have a problem with. As for the web post time, I think it might be beneficial for your next round of students, but I’m a creature of habit so my comments will probably still happen before Saturday. I miss you guys!!!

    • G – Me too! I’ve got to somehow get a new routine that’s going to work. Or better yet, ask Jesus to establish my steps instead of just jumping toward the nearest fire that needs to be put out! (So to speak!)

  5. This week has been great!! This week has been pure enjoyment and relaxation. I have done my school work early each day and spent the rest of the days relaxing and playing video games. I wish school could always be like this, but I also don’t want the situation to worsen. The social distancing is not bothering me because I talk to my friends all day online, so it is like I never left them. I have had a slightly weird sleep schedule this past week, but I have loved it. At least I am still getting eight hours. I have yet to do the paper airplane lab, but I plan to do it tomorrow morning. I am looking forward to the same next week!

  6. I’m glad this first week has been pretty chill, but I still wake up at 7 EVERY MORNING and it’s irritating me. I’m trying my best to get in the habit of checking PowerSchool in the mornings and at night to make sure I’m staying on task. Thankfully, I only had a couple of assignments. Tomorrow is when due dates start to approach quicker and I’m not too excited. On the bright side, this online stuff is helping me prepare for college so, in a sense, I’m thankful for it. I hope I get to formally graduate. That’ll for sure make all of this worth it.

  7. I definitely have mixed feeling about the new way of learning. I love and approve of the relaxed schedule. I enjoy waking up late and doing my homework at my own pace. However, I have found myself lacking motivation to do my homework. It takes so much self control to sit down and do my stuff. I also miss human interaction. It feels strange having to FaceTime everyone to stay in touch, and I’m not sure I like it. But I guess that’s how college is going to be so I guess I’ll be grateful when that time comes. The jury is still out about whether or not I want to keep school like this or if I want it to return to normal.

  8. I hate this virus, but I’d rate this past week a 10/10. My performance was more like 2/5, buttttttt I’m getting so much needed rest. I can sit around idly and do absolutely nothing for once. I have watched enough TV for this past month. I love not having to do anything major. I’m really anxious to get back to a normal routine and be able to hang out with my friends, but in the mean time, I’ve ordered plenty of stuff online that should be coming in that I’ll sanitize and then mess with. Also, my laptop that I ordered six weeks ago is supposedly coming in this week, which I am excited about because it will give me something to do and because I thought for a while it was stuck in China!

  9. What is more on-brand than me having oodles and boodles of free time and like 6 assignments assigned Tuesday and due Monday and waiting to do them ALL on Sunday?
    Literally nothing.
    I have spent the majority of this week making quesadillas. Sitting on the couch to (re)watch iZombie, Gilmore Girls, and Gravity Falls. Getting up to make another quesadilla. Almost exclusively eating quesadillas because cheese and tortillas were on sale last week so mom bought a bunch of it and this week the store is empty. Petting my neigbor’s dog through the fence. Having an upside-down staring contest with my cat. Skype therapy is actually pretty bomb cause I get to eat the whole time. If we had a scale in the house it would probably tell me I’ve gained like 15 pounds. I actually did do some of my work before today, because it was a “how’s yer spring break” discussion(?) and let’s be real I copied and pasted the same response to all three of the discussion pages. I dug through the stuff my brother left when he moved out, and found not one, not two, but FIVE paper airplane books with step by step instructions and fancy paper, so I’m about to go ham on those. After this quesadilla…

  10. This week has definitely been a 2 / 5 for me. I started the week with getting the flu and seeing the doctor, and I spent the rest of the week recovering from it. I’m not sure how I will handle the online learning as I’ve pretty much ruined my house as a place of productivity after years of procrastination, and all of the Starbucks are closing the inside. I’m hoping that next week I can get back into a regular routine again and find some places to work outside of my room!

  11. This week is about a 4/5 for me. I’m not used to turning in assignments online, but I’m sure it’ll click fast. Being forced to stay home certainly doesn’t help with procrastination, but I can now get all the rest I want for the time being. It’s going to be hard not learning face to face with my teachers and not being able to ask questions in person. I guess it’s safer this way though. Let’s hope this outbreak dies out soon, so that we can all go back to a normal, corona-free life.

  12. Man oh man did I almost forgot about webposts. Anyway. I loved this week because I love being by myself and working at my own pace! Also I get to be with my cat 24/7, but I also see the PowerSchool cat of doom 24/7 as well so that’s not as awesome. I’m surprisingly not super worried about the virus despite being in the category of being able to be killed by it (asthma is great). But my family is taking extra precaution around me and I don’t ever leave the house so all should be fine as long as everyone washes their hands!!

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