Hon Chemistry & Chemistry Assignment for Monday

Here is your assignment for Monday. You’ll be working on your extra credit Science In the News assignment today.

IMPORTANT guidelines for the assignment:

  • For today, you can use the laptops in the back of the room, or you can also use your own laptop
  • You will have to print the article at another time. You cannot go to the computer lab today to print your article.
  • Find your article on sciencenewsforstudents.org or sciencenews.org. If you already have an article printed from one of these sites, you can use it.
  • Make sure you pick an article you find interesting and that you understand!!
  • Make sure you pick an article that you can use to answer the questions on the Science In the News sheet. If there are questions you cannot answer with the type of article you have – pick another article!!!
  • The SItN assignment must be handwritten on notebook paper – you may write on the back
  • Check the syllabus for the due date for extra credit.

IMPORTANT #2: When you are finished today, put your laptop up in the correct slot and plug it in!!

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14 thoughts on “Hon Chemistry & Chemistry Assignment for Monday

  1. My triumph in Chemistry this week was not stressing over the mixture separation lab. I prepared and discussed with my partner before entering the lab, so that we could use all the time during class to do the lab. Since we prepared before, we didn’t have to stress about finishing in time.

  2. This week in Chemistry, I think I did a good job accomplishing what my partner and I needed to accomplish in this week’s separation lab. Although we were not able to completely finish this lab, I believe we used our time fairly wisely and were able to complete a good chunk of it. My partner and I did well because we talked about our process before the lab took place and created a plan on what to do.

  3. This week I did well with my non-school related activities like running and swimming. I believe this is because I took the time while doing them to think about my technique and how I was doing each sport. I also slowed down to fix something that will help me in the long run.

  4. This week I did well with preparation and organization. I was not stressed hardly at all this week because I did assignments early and did not procrastinate on them. I had a plan for when I was going to do which assignments for which class which helped me a lot.

  5. My triumph this week in Chemistry was completing the mixture separation lab. I discussed everything with my partner and we planned things out beforehand so that we would be prepared in class. We worked very well together, and encouraged each other when we were getting flustered which really helped. Even though it was stressful and seemed impossible at first, we finished it!!

  6. This week in chemistry, my triumph was starting to work on and get ahead on stuff. I knew we had the test next week, so I wanted to start studying just a little bit so I did not stress myself out. I made a quizlet for all the vocab and read over the chapter summary, which is not a lot, but is a little bit of progress!

  7. My triumph in chemistry this week was being able to think on my feet during stressful situations like the lab we had this week. When something unexpected and stressful came up or when something went wrong while we were completing the lab, we were able to work together to fix the situation quickly before things got out of hand. Also, shout out to Hadley for being an amazing lab partner this week!

  8. My triumph this week was being able to finish separating the mixture during class. The first day we developed a broad plan and found ourselves wondering what we should next, so we did not make very much progress. But the next day we were more organized and had a better plan, so we made good progress. This allowed us to complete the lab and turn it in on time.

  9. My triumph this week was the mixture separation lab. We planned good and gave ourselves plenty of time to do everything we needed to get our four samples. I also think that we worked well as a team to get the lab done on time and turn everything in correct.

  10. M triumph this week is catching up with all of my work in all my classes. I’ve been very behind in them, due to random things; some were in my control and some were out of my control. But, I overcame them all and managed to get back in the swing of things.

  11. This week my biggest triumph was completing the separation of a mixture lab. The first day my lab partner and I kind of struggled with getting everything done, but the second day we regrouped and got things done pretty well. I learned that if you actually work together well and have a plan, you can get things done much easier.

  12. This week I would give myself a 4.5 out of 5 stars. I would do this because I managed my time very well so that I could study for my chemistry test. I would also give myself this rating because I feel like I did well on the test and elements pop quiz this week.

  13. This week I did well on the lab of energy of solutions. This lab went a lot better than last weeks. My lab group managed our time better and was able to accomplish everything we needed to accomplish. I also have was able to get my lab report started before the weekend and get a head start on finishing it. T-Triumph

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