Hon Chemistry 9-18-19 Hand Drawn Graphs & Graphing Exercise 1

HON CHEMISTRY: Today you began reviewing how to make your own hand drawn graphs using Graphing Exercise 1. Did you remember what you learned from a long time ago? Any questions about Graphing Exercises 1 & 2? (You are going to be dreaming about graphs before it’s all over!)

Under the worksheet tab, open these three graphing handouts. Use these handouts to make sure you are doing the hand drawn graph correctly!

Need a refresher? Watch this vodcast for good and bad examples. Carefully review the instructions on how to draw them. Common mistakes – switching independent and dependent variables, the scale on an axis not consistent along the axis, graph too small, line not a best fit, forgetting to label the axis, etc.

And finally – NEATNESS is very important!! Rough draft of all your graphs are due Friday – but I’ll be glad to check them early!

flick photo by Caleb Roenigk