Chemistry 10-1-19 Fundamental Science Skills Graphing Activity

Quick – list 10 things you remember from the 8th grade about interpreting and reading graphs! Not to worry – today you’re going to begin reviewing those important concepts and techniques. Here is your assignment for today, Tuesday:

IMPORTANT: Today’s assignment is one that you will have to complete at school. The program is on the school laptops and on the computers in the computer lab.

  1. Find the “Fundamental Science Skills” program on your computer.
  2. In the Graphing Skills section, click on “Graphing Data Points.” Read through and practice in each section VERY CAREFULLY!
  3. After you have completed each review section, go to the exam and complete it.
    • You must enter your name in the exact format you do when you title a lab – including the title of the activity.
    • Click on “Check Your Answers.” When you have 100% accuracy, bring your lap top to me to check your Check Answers Results Sheet. If you are doing the assignment outside of our class period, print off your exam results sheet and bring it to me to check.
    • IMPORTANT: Your answers and the format of it all must match exactly to receive credit. (Sometimes being exactly correct is extremely important!)
  4. The Graphing Data Points assignment is due by the end of the class period today.
  5. When you finish, next go to the Worksheet Tab and begin Graph J on Graphing Exercises 1 & 2.

Holler if you have any questions!

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16 thoughts on “Chemistry 10-1-19 Fundamental Science Skills Graphing Activity

  1. While doing this graphing activity, an idea triumphed within my mind. Even though I may have forgotten two weeks in a row to do my web post for the week after telling myself that I would have gotten it done come Saturday morning. Figure I’m not dumb enough to forget three times in a row.

  2. This week I triumphed in starting to study the periodic table. I have see the notice of the syllabus for a while, but I have finally decided to stop listening to the voice that tells me that “it’s fine”. I had a mini panic attack last night when I realized how many we need to know. I have studied hard and now know a good chunk of the flash card stack.

  3. I feel like I triumphed in doing the data tables and a and the hand written ones, I am experienced on doing these that’s probably why I actually did good for once. And I will work on my drunk chicken hand writing.

  4. This week on the days that I was in class I feel like i triumphed at ploting points on the graphs and knowing which was the x- axis and which was the y-axis. I will work on naming the graphs because sometimes i forget which goes first the x or y axis.

  5. This week I did well on plotting points on the graphs and knowing which was the x-axis and which was the y-axis. However, I have to work on remembering how to name the graph.

  6. This week in Chemistry, I did well with the the graphing practice we did on the computer. I did well because I read and understood the instructions and the concept.

  7. This week in Chemistry I did well by beginning to study for the periodic table. I also did well with the graphing we have been doing.

  8. I think I have succeeded this week in the data plotting graphs by using my tendencies toward perfectionism to make smooth and understandable graphs. It was a tedious job in the beginning, but I am pleased with how it turned out and I now realize even more the importance of being exact in graphed results.

  9. This week I have triumphed by correctly labeling my lab, also by studying the periodic table, as well as properly graphing.

  10. This week I triumphed in the graphing exercises we did. I feel like I now have a better understanding of how to graph points.

  11. This week I did well with taking Mrs. Skinner’s advice on how to draw my line and understanding how a graph works. I did well because of the practice we did online.

  12. This week I think I triumphed with following directions and graphing. I already knew a little about graphing so it was easier to just have a review on graphing and learn some new things this week. I did well also because we reviewed the graphing on the computers.

  13. This week, I triumphed in the graphing exercises. I did well on these because I remembered a lot of things that I learned in the past about graphing and I was able to apply my skills.

  14. This week I did well with saving and scanning; my work into docs. The reason I did well at this is because, the directions were very clear and specific.

  15. This week, I feel like I triumphed by 1: remembering to do my web post and 2: understanding the concept of graphing. The school computer for whatever reason decided not to work for me and that set me behind but I’m sure it will get fixed.

  16. This week I did good on plotting points on the graph. I did good bc I listened in class and read the directions well. I hope to have a easy time with the rest of the project.

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