Your LAST Web Post Comment!!

Can you believe it?!? This is your LAST web post comment!! This is where you put it and here are the three things I want you to talk about:

1) How did chemistry grow you? What did you learn about yourself?
2) What advice do you have for future chemistry students?
3) What could we have done different this year that would have helped you learn chemistry better?

Can’t wait to hear from you!! 🙂

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72 thoughts on “Your LAST Web Post Comment!!

  1. I have learned a lot this year in Chemistry. A few of these things would be time management, I learned time management through the hard way and doing to all at once. I think I will use this lesson a lot in life and it will help me as I mature. Another very important lesson I learned is not to procrastinate with school work or any other kind of work. I always waited until the last minute to do my school work just because I didn’t feel like getting up and doing it. I also feel like I could of came to all of the help sessions but I didn’t because I was scared of being late to it I guess. I also think Chemistry helped me progress my critical thinking skills that I will use in many areas of life. I have also learned how to fail, it was completely my fault I fail but I am glad I did because now I know what not to do in the upcoming years in life. Also…. my advice to a future chemistry student would just to follow all the rules I just listed above and be consistent with the work and also have a good work ethic or you will get nowhere in life and especially Chemistry. Thank you Mrs. Skinner for the good and bad times in Chemistry like anything from the fun labs to the failing tests. I will use these life lessons next year in American History thanks to you. I hope you have a great summer and all goes well grading our projects!

  2. This year I learned a lot of things in chemistry. I learned I need to focus on my studies more and keep doing my homework and study a lot more. Do everything and do not waste your time on other subjects or things because if you do you are going to fail this class. I could have had better time management and learned how to study before I came into this class because I did not do good as good as I could have.

  3. Chemistry was such a long ride and I can’t believe it’s already over. I grew so much in knowledge that I never know before, but I also grew in study ways and time management. Chemistry has taught me that I really am a procrastinator, but I shouldn’t be because it will affect me in the long run. It actually also showed me how much I like math. This is kinda nerdy but I really did enjoy balancing equations and doing all of the other math parts.

    On that note, future chemists….. DONT PROCRASTINATE it will affect you in the long run. in all seriousness, really do not procrastinate, ask any questions you have, and physically and verbally participate in class (you will understand when the time comes). These things will help you not only in chemistry but in other classes as well on homework, tests, quizzes, etc.

    One thing I could have done this year was not PROCRASTINATE. I payed attention in class, but when it came to other things chemistry, I found myself sometimes waiting at the last minute to do lab write ups, homework, study….. the chemistry project. Yes, some nights I couldn’t help it because I had a lot to do but other nights I could but I just didn’t want to. Time management would have helped me a lot too. I start the year off strong with my organized folders, my planner, and all other organization things, but then “senioritis” kicks in even though I just finished sophomore year.

    Ending advice for me and you:
    Don’t procrastinate (have i said that enough times? lol).
    Manage your time well.
    Trust God. God’s got you and he will help you in chemistry, in school, and in life.

    you got this!

  4. I’ve git to say i’ve grown a ton this year mentally and emotionally through this class. chemistry has taught me some things i would not have otherwise learned or been taught in other subjects. I’ve learned to manage my time wisely and not to procrastinate. I also have learned that it’s okay if you mess up.
    To future chemistry students i will say… please please please please DO NOT FORGET WEBPOSTS they will be your saving grace. personally i have an alarm set just in case i forget. These little web posts help your grade tremendously.
    What i would have done different in this class is i would have taken better notes in the beginning and actually applied what was in my notes to what i was learning through the lab or test.

  5. How chemistry grew me: In chemistry I experienced firsthand the severe side effects of cramming. Although cramming proved a very successful method of studying in grades 1-9, this second semester especially, it has become very apparent that cramming doesn’t always work. Actively study people!!
    What I learned about myself: My time management skills are severely lacking. This something that I have always struggled with and this year it really hit me hard.
    Advice for future chem students: Nail down your skin routine ASAP, maybe you’ll have slightly less stress induced acne. Always stay positive and keep an open mind. Encourage your fellow chemists-in-training. Be able to laugh at yourself-you will make many many stupid mistakes. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Never give up. Learn to know when to put the schoolwork back into your backpack, even if you haven’t finished, and spend time with your family and friends. Chemistry will be hard but not impossible. You do not have to make an A to be successful (Jeremiah 29:11). Do your best!! You can do all things through Christ who gives you strength.
    What could we have done different: In chemistry, especially for those with ADD like me, I feel like we need more practice that is timed so that we can practice for the test. Maybe that could be recording the amount of time it takes you to complete each problem on homework. Also how to do lab write-ups more efficiently.
    Also S/O to Savanna!! I (along with the rest of the Honors Chem class) am so proud of you, and even though you didn’t want to be in here, it was a pleasure having you in our class.

  6. I learned many things in chemistry, not only lessons for tests, but lessons I can use all throughout my life. I got better with not procrastinating, and not waiting until the last minute to study for tests. I felt like I have grown in my test taking skills and learning what to study for a test without having a “Stuff to Know” sheet. I was constantly reminded to lean on God when I am stressing. There is no way I could have made it through chemistry, or the rest of my tenth grade classes without His love and guidance. Another thing I learned about myself was that practicing makes a HUGE difference, even when I think I know how to do it. In chemistry, I have been challenged in a class like I never had before and it was totally worth it.

    To the next chemistry students, please begin your project the day Ms. Skinner gives it to you. You will be so proud of yourself if you don’t have to pull an all-nighter the night before its due. Study for tests in advance and practice as much as you can. Soak up everything Ms. Skinner tells you in a lecture. As a wise teacher once told my sixth period class, “nothing is free in chemistry.” As exhausted you will be the last month of school, don’t get burnt out, continue to listen to the lectures, even though you will want to count down the minutes to summer. My last piece of advice to you is just to enjoy your school year. This year seemed to have flown by, and I have no idea where the time has gone. Make the most of your year when you have chemistry. Yes you will stress so so much, but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel! Also go to all of the help sessions! Ms. Skinner does these to help YOU, so please take advantage of it!

    Studying in advance for a test and not just memorizing something for a short moment would have helped me so much this year. Yes, this is probably the most challenging class I have ever taken at Northpoint, and I am glad to say I did it!! It has challenged me like no class has done before. It is bittersweet to be finishing this class, but I always know I can come stop by and say hey to you, Ms. Skinner!

    Thank you, Ms. Skinner, for all that you did and taught me this year. I feel as I have grown so much and I cannot thank you enough. Because of your class, I feel like Caroline, Savanna, and I have become much closer friends and we will always have you and our chemistry labs to thank for that. Thank you for always reminding me that God is with me even in the small things, and in times of struggle I just need to stop and listen for His voice.

  7. How did I grew in chemistry: I learn that I couldn’t wait till the night before a test to start studying for it. I learned that nothing is impossible to do it do it in small steps and not all at once.

    My advice for the next years chemistry students would be don’t wait to start studying night before a test, begin to study when you get the materials. Always do your web post and your homework it can keep your grade high in the class.

    I could have better time management for studying and doing projects and would take better notes for myself.

  8. Chemistry made me grow as a person by showing me better time management skills, studying techniques, and note taking skills. It made me realize you can do better than you think if you put forth the work and try your best. What I learned about myself was that I do better on tests if I practice more by writing on paper. I also learned that I am more of a visual person than listening. I take better notes when I am writing them from the board rather than just listening.
    My advice for future chemistry students first of all is the stay organized. If you keep all your notes organized and don’t lose anything, you will not be as stressed. Also, start studying for a chemistry test at least two days before the test. My last advice for future chemistry students is to trust in God to help you maintain the information in chemistry and to guide you through the year smoothly.
    I should have organized my notes better this year so that I could have easily read them to study faster for the tests. Also, I should have studied earlier in the day than late at night trying to study. Lastly, I should have looked at more vodcasts and made sure I knew what I was doing.

  9. Chemistry did force me to grow. I developed better habits when it comes to checking the syllabus or studying for a test. I learned that I can be very efficient if I put my mind to it and resist distractions. I grew particularly during the project. I started the Wednesday before it was due thinking that I was ahead of the game but I turned out to be way behind. At least I didn’t wait until the night before.

    As for advice, do not procrastinate. It will only cause sleepless nights and stress. Don’t be afraid to ask your fellow students about things that you don’t understand. Everyone is in the same boat. Finally, just because you don’t have written homework does not mean you have no homework. When the syllabus says to read through the book or a lab, do it.

    As far as what I could have done better, I should have heeded my own words about procrastination. 22 minute power naps were the only sleep I got on the weekend before the project. I also should have practiced a bit more for tests.

  10. I have learned a lot this ear in chemistry. I learned how to actually study for a test. I learned to jaunt no really on my smarts to get me through, I learned how to prepare for test much farther earlier than I usually did I.

    As for device I would tell next years chemistry students to not wait to the the last minute to do things. In chemistry this does not work like it does in all your other classes

    As for myself I should have taken lab grades more seriously than I did. They ended up counting to my grade way more than I thought they would end up doing

  11. This year in chemistry has been one of the most challenging experiences of my life. I have learned a lot about myself and my work habits. I primarily learned that I have to put in work to achieve the results that I want. I have never had to study for a class before, but chemistry pushed me to my limits until I was forced to actually begin working. I also learned about my own procrastination habits. While I am an avid procrastinator, chemistry taught me how to move past that and work on my assignments as they are assigned instead of the night before they are due.

    To all future chemistry students, please do not procrastinate, and do not trust your studying abilities. Studying and practicing for chemistry requires a whole different level of dedication. You will NOT get the grades that you want if you don’t put in the work. Getting good grades in chemistry is not impossible, but you have to put in time and effort.

    I personally did not struggle with the way chemistry was taught this year. However, I wish we had more opportunities for group practice sessions. I feel like it could be more beneficial if we could have a help session roughly in the middle of the chapter as a progress check. That way, if anyone was confused or did not understand, they could have an opportunity to fix their mistakes and continue to learn without falling behind.

    I had the best year in chemistry, and I am so thankful for these experiences. I love my chemistry family, and I can’t wait to see how we continue to grow.

  12. Chemistry is far from easy. It is in fact the hardest I have ever had to work in a class to get a decent grade. I learned rather quickly that my old ways of studying were not going to work. Through this I learned better studying tips and it helped me understand the material better. I also learned that if I really commit myself to something I can overcome my procrastinator tendencies and power through it.

    For advice I would say to not worry so much about what the previous students tell you about chemistry. Pretty much all my years building up to 10th grade have been full of people telling me how impossible chemistry is and while it is by no means easy if you are willing to put in the extra effort you will make it out fine.

    If I could go back and change anything about what I did I would make myself take ALL of the extra advantages when you provided them. While I think I did pretty good in a lot of areas by showing up to most of the help sessions and turning in extra credit I failed in other parts. I almost never looked back at the recordings you uploaded on here and I didn’t read through important instructions and tips on the syllabus and labs well enough.

    In the end chemistry was a class with really high high point and really low low points. while I may not look back on chemistry too fondly right now I know I will be thankful for how it prepared me one day. Thank you Ms. Skinner for all you have done to help us out.

  13. Chemistry was not just an academic experience but a life experience as well. It helped shape and grow so many different areas of my life. Probably the biggest aspect of my life that chemistry changed was preparation . In the past haven’t had to prepare or study much for my courses, but I soon learned that I wouldn’t be able to keep doing this in order to succeed. Just looking over my notes want enough anymore, I had to really go back and read them thoroughly, watch vodcats(sometimes multiple times, and work problem after problem. Through all my triumphs and failures on tests and different labs, I learned that I was capable of achieving whatever I wanted as long as I put forth the effort. Every single time without fail I studied adequately I got the grade so wanted. Learning that I didn’t have to settle and be complacent because of a couple setbacks really helped me change my outlook on sophomore year. I will be forever grateful for this.
    We all have heard since 7th grade that chemistry is impossible and you shouldn’t even try because it won’t matter if you do, Well I’m going to contradict years of upperclassmen advice and say that this claim is not even remotely true. You can definitely not only pass chemistry, but excel if you truly apply yourself and put in the time. I think the reason why a lot of students think chemistry is impossible is because it’s not only the hardest class they have ever taken but the most different. Most students aren’t willingly to change and adapt to the class. They want to do same thing they have done their life which up to this point has been sufficient to get by. That’s not the case in chemistry. In order to achieve what we have never done before we must do what we have never done before. If you are willingly to set extra time to study in advance and do your homework then you will do fine. Another hint would be to always start studying before the day of or night before. That way if you have any questions you can get a friend or Ms. Skinner to help you with them. It will also take away so much stress. My final hint would be know the material not just be famialir with it. Famialirity will the material will trick you into thinking you understand the concepts or know to work the problems. Make sure you really have learned and understand all the material
    One thing I felt we could have done different this year in chemistry is work more of the big mama extra large problems. Sometimes I felt like I didn’t get how to work of the harder problems the first it was shown and we never revisited the problem. Other than that I absolutely loved chemistry and truly did enjoy being taught by you Ms. Skinner. Thank you for all the new sayings, challenges, grace, wisdom, and prayer.

  14. This year has been a. Long school year and. I have learned a lot. One of the most important things I learned was what I learned about my self. Through Chemisty I learned that I can’t always do it by myself. Sometimes I just need to step back and ask for help from a friend, a teacher or s parent.

    For upper coming chemistry students I would strongly encourage you to not wait till the last minute. Take advantage of easy grades like webposts and do all your homework.
    This year I don’t really think there was anything that the school could’ve done to teach chemistry better. Looking back what would’ve helped me would’ve been participating much more and asking more questions. Me staying quiet in class is what killed me in the end.
    Over all chemistry was a class with highs and lows, but what it teaches you ab yourself and the people around you is unforgettable.

  15. This year was the hardest and longest year of my high school career. Chemistry has grown me to be a much more mature person. I learned time management, and not to procrastinate.

    Some advice for future chemistry students is DO YOUR HOMEWORK! The homework is a big part of your grade. You can do the homes and fail all the test and still pass. Another thing is don’t procrastinate. This is a bad habit you need to get out of. Just do the work now then you can ask questions.

    I believe we could have used the white boards much more. I felt like it was a good way for all of us to study.

  16. Chemistry help me grow to understand my limits and how far I could be pushed and how fast my brain could react to memorization.
    Maybe advice to those who will be taking this class on the future is to don’t be hard on yourself. Failure is just another stepping stool in life to help achieve your goals. Of course getting will a bad grade is not what you won’t but it won’t be the end of the world.
    I believe if we would have seen the lesson multiple times until I knew it front and back would have helped.

  17. Chemistry showed me that I can do anything that although sometimes things are really hard and after doing to project I though showed me that I could take a lot of information space it out and do something with it. It also shows me to not procrastinate so much. It’s bowed me I could fail every test but learn something from it in the long run. To other chem students I would say listen take notes well don’t wait till the morning of to print your lab always do your homework it’s a grade saver. And always be sure to do science in the news it’s a grade saver too. Another thing to help to make things different I feel as if the student as the question to answer it more in depth lots of times I asked questions and then got more confused I Know your supposed to ready your notes or ask a neighbor but the whole reason I ask the question is to receive and answer for help. I also thought we had a lot of of homework it wasn’t to much but some nights I mostly stay up hours doing hw I think this comes from all Northpoint teachers but also chemistry.

  18. This year in chemistry I learned many things about reactions and formulas that I would have never known otherwise. My advice to you future chemistry students is to ask as many questions as possible dont be afraid to speak up if your confused or dont know how do do somthing or if that doesn’t help go back and watch the vodcast also make sure that you take NOTES I and dumb and didnt take notes near the end finish off strong and male good grades!! I believe if I would have asked questions more and worked more formulas etc. that I would have done much better in the long run. Ms. Skinner your class has been so much fun thanks for the mems.

  19. Chemistry told me to work hard and don’t do things half way. It showed me the importance of studying hard and studying correctly. It told me the importance of attention to detail and time management. I would tell future Chemistry students not to procrastinate and have good time management. You could have answered more questions during labs. You could’ve better explained things, but other than that it was fine. (I’m sorry please accept this)

  20. 1) Chemistry grew me in a few ways, but the most prominent is that it made me realize that there are things that beat you. You can not succeed in every aspect of life, and chemistry was that aspect of life for me. It didn’t matter if I studied for days on a test or for minutes, I failed. It depleted my confidence for the class and made me dislike the class. Even when I truly tried I did not succeed and it angered me. Sometimes you can’t always get what you want.

    2) The advice I would give to future students is to balance all of your classes. Do not spend all your time on chemistry if it’s not worth it. When I did that my grades in other classes started to fall even though my chemistry grade did not improve much. Don’t stress over something that you may not be able to change.

    3) I do not think there is anything we could have done different. I can’t think of a single thing that would have made me understand the material better. It never clicked with me and I don’t know if i could have changed that.

  21. 1) Throughout this year chemistry has helped me to become a more diligent listener, taught me to speak up in class, and it also taught me to actually study the material because in the past years of school I did not really study well and I just kinda winged things, but I learned pretty quick you can not do that in chemistry. I also learned not to trust what I thought I already knew and to go over the materials over and over again.
    2) For the upcoming chemistry students all I want to say is pay attention, STUDY EVERYTHING, and try everything in your ability not to miss class. This class is only hard if you make it hard.
    3) What I feel that could of helped me so much throughout the year would be going to the help sessions. I went to a help session before the first semester exam and it helped me understand what I thought I knew, but I had just forgotten. I also wish every time I think about the big chemistry project is that I wish I would of started earlier and not waited. And finally notecards. I wish I would of made notecards for the easy memorization quizzes and then I could of remembered stuff better on the quizzes, tests, and homework.
    This has been a fun year and I will miss you Ms. Skinner!!!!!!!!

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