Your LAST Web Post Comment!!

Can you believe it?!? This is your LAST web post comment!! This is where you put it and here are the three things I want you to talk about:

1) How did chemistry grow you? What did you learn about yourself?
2) What advice do you have for future chemistry students?
3) What could we have done different this year that would have helped you learn chemistry better?

Can’t wait to hear from you!! 🙂

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72 thoughts on “Your LAST Web Post Comment!!

  1. I believe the way I grew in chemistry was by coming out of my shell and asking questions when I’m lost instead of just taking winging it and taking a fat L.
    The thing I learned about myself is I’m too much of a procrastinator (and still am) and it will hurt me in the long run if I don’t fix that soon.
    Some advice I have for future chemistry students is: Never ever forget a web post, and if you do don’t let it be the first one for the nine weeks.
    Something that I feel would’ve helped me understand chemistry more is if more problems we had to work were uploaded under one of the tabs just to do for practice but one would have example work to show and it would be optional to do (so it wouldn’t feel like homework and just studying).
    Anyways, Have a great summer!!

  2. Chemistry made me stronger than I believed I was. It made me develop good study habits and really learn the material that was taught. I learned to work as a team with my classmates, and I learned that it’s okay to ask for help. I learned that I am eager to learn, and practice is one of the best ways to do that.

    Future chem students–YOU HAVE TO ACTUALLY STUDY!! This class will take off with or without you, and you have to keep up. Don’t get behind if you are absent. Watch the vodcasts for help. Study for the tests a few days in advance. Plan help sessions and attend all of them, even if you think you know what you are doing (and bring donuts–it makes the whole day better). Do your webpost early. The Mixture of Separations Lab is the worst thing you’ll do all year. The Project must be worked consistently on because it will take you much longer than you think it will. Overall, just trust Ms. Skinner–she knows what’s best for you, and she will grow you in ways you didn’t know were possible.

    I really can’t think of anything major that could have been done differently. Maybe more practice in class on the more difficult things. This year was fantastic, and I really enjoyed this class!

  3. From chemistry, I learned how to manage my time wisely, how to properly do a lab report, have created good study habits, and I have learned that chemistry is not impossible, even though it seems like it is at times. I have made some good grades and some bad grades, but in the end I am ending the year with the grades I desired. For myself, I learned that God has a reason for what you are learning and to just trust that its worth it.
    For future students, always listen to Ms. Skinner-she has been doing this for a while and knows what she’s talking about. She has seen the worst and the best students and she will help you succeed if you trust her. Also, do all your homework and web posts. They are easy grades and you are stupid if you don’t do it. Do the extra credit, too. It might not seem like it would affect your grade a lot but it does.
    I honestly cannot think of any better ways to learn chemistry. Ms. Skinner, you are one of the best teachers. To be honest, no other teacher could have helped me understand chemistry the way you did. I enjoyed the class, even though it was difficult.

  4. Chemistry has tough me a lot. For starters I was very nervous and scared at the beginning of the year because I was told all these scary things about how I will forget web post and stay up all night working on lab reports. But in the end as I look back I realize that this class has grown me as a student, person and daughter. I have learned and discovered many new things about my work ethic, I knew that I’ve always had a good labor work ethic but I learned how to improve my study habits and learned how to get the drive to want to study for these reasons I made a better student out of myself.

    For future chemistry students, start applying yourself early and figure out a good way to study for test and quizzes so you start off on a good note. Always take notes and pay attention and participate in class Ms Skinner loves when you participate makes her heart happy so do it. You also need to start on research for the chemistry project as soon as you get it, work on it everyday till its due because you’ll have to in order for you to finish. Always do extra credit and I would recommend studying for test with a study buddy or a group of people to go over things and practice them with. Also if your absent a lot because of sports or just absent in general always watch the podcast and take notes on your own. ALWAYS DO HOMEWORK AND WEB POST. They can make or break your grade. Always ask questions and trust Ms. Skinner she knows how to teach chemistry so trust me your most likely wrong and shes right. Good Luck!!

    This year I liked how things were done in the class. I wouldn’t change how things were done I would have changed how I did things at the beginning. I wish I would have applied myself more when studying at the beginning of the year. Also wish I would have realized that I had to come home and study after golf instead of just winging it because my 1st nine weeks grade showed it that I wasn’t putting my best foot forward as a student. I would have changed how I managed my time at the beginning of the year if I were to have something changed.

    • Chemistry has taught* me a lot.
      And one last thing for future chemistry students don’t be afraid to make mistakes and be wrong because it will happen. Trust me.

  5. Chemistry has helped me so much throughout this year!! It has shown me what my strengths and weaknesses are. I have seen the areas in my life where I need to grow and how to diligently spend my time on school and other things. I learned not to worry about the small things and trust the Lord on the big things and also the small things.

    My advice to future students is to stay on top of your homework, notes, studying, and most importantly the project. I would also say that studying the night before for a test is not the best thing to do. Start at least 3 days before and work a little each night. I know this helped me a lot throughout this year.

    I could have probably studied the 2nd semester. The 1st semester I was on top of my studies and had really good grades. I still had good grades this semester, but they weren’t were I would have liked them to be. I should have studied more and focused more in class and on labs.


  6. Chemistry…

    Chemistry was hard I’ll admit but I am so thankful I took it and here is why. From chemistry, I learned that you are going to fail. I gave up for a short amount of time until Ms. Skinner told me that everything would be ok. She believed in me more than I believed in myself. Ms. Skinner always reminded us how even in hard times we had to remember that God was always there and we could talk to Him in times of distress. (I spent a lot of time with God this year) I knew I could always talk to God but sometimes needed to be reminded that he was there. I learned to not always believe what others say. I have heard about the chemistry project since I was little and how it’s horrible. I have since learned that this is not the case. I don’t know what grade I made on the project but I do know I had fun doing it. I learned that quizlet may help me in other classes but it didn’t help me in chemistry. I had to make flashcards. I learned how to study. (This is something I’m still learning) I learned to be more thankful and appreciative of your teachers. Sometimes they have more homework than you do. Thank you, Ms. Skinner, for not only teaching me Chemistry but teaching life lessons as well.

    Dear future Chemistry student,
    You have to study. I am not just saying that to say it. You can’t wing chemistry and pass. You have to study. Learn how to do a lab write up. Not knowing how to do one can and will mess up your grade. Print the syllabus. Ms. Skinner does not just make those for fun. They are there to help. Do your homework. This can make or break your grade. Do every web post. Post every day if you have to. Do all of the study guides. They help I promise. You may have questions about the study guide and that’s ok that’s what a help session is for. Go to every one of them. Listen closely in class and watch the videos. Ms. Skinner will give you hints about what will be on the test. Don’t use the green marker it makes the boards stink. Save others and yourself and don’t use the green marker. Don’t forget remind 101 is a thing. Ms. Skinner will help you if you need it. Don’t wait until the last minute. You may think you work better this way but that won’t help you in chemistry. The project is fun if you don’t wait until the last minute. Lastly, I’m going to tell you to relax. This will be a fun year. You won’t regret taking chemistry. In the wise words of Kelly Clarkson – “ What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” don’t forget it.

    Oh, P.S. Don’t forget to thank Ms. Skinner and Ms. Jackie. They work too hard to not get recognition.

    Sarah Morrow

    This year I could have managed my time better. This is something that Ms. Skinner told me at the beginning of the year. If you are like me you will say something like “I can do it last minute” or “I’ll manage my time well” but that show on Netflix that everyone is watching will come out. You are going to watch it then you will say “I’ll just stay up all night” you will probably fall asleep or say “I’ll wake up early and do it” but you will sleep through your alarm. You won’t do as good on the test as you would have if only you studied more. Chances are that show isn’t going anywhere. Manage your time better.

    Luke 1:37

  7. This year in chemistry has been one of the best of my academic life. This class offered constant stimulation, from fun labs to in-depth notes, chemistry never failed to keep me interested. I was very apprehensive going into this year in chemistry, as there were multifarious rumors of its sheer impossibility. However, proactive studying and thorough note taking really made succeeding in chemistry plausible. This class has fostered a growth that I never thought possible, I am not the same person as I was before this class. First of all, chemistry helped me to realize that I do not have to be the smartest person in order to find personal success. This class helped me to set personal goals and strive to reach them instead of comparing myself to others: a bad habit that I have been caught in for a large portion of my life. Second, I learned how much I truly need to study for tests. This will be very beneficial in the near future when I have many challenging courses and need to effectively manage my time. Also, I came to the realization that homework is merely studying that is assigned by the teacher. Finally, chemistry helped teach me the importance of helping others and asking for help when you need it. I have always been reluctant to ask for help because it would always make me feel as if I am not as good enough. This is because I can not help myself. However, the remarkable similarities between our relationship to God and other people became prevalent to me and this reluctance was expunged. I finally realized that it is important to lean on others just as we should lean on God.

    Dear future chemistry students, please do not fear chemistry. Everyone you ask will tell you how difficult it is, and they are absolutely correct. Ms. Skinner challenges you like no one ever has before, but it is definitely not something to fear. Instead, it is something to embrace. If everything in life was plain and simple, we would all be overrun by boredom. Ms. Skinner fills her lessons with fun anecdotes and real-world examples that truly simplify the concepts in which she is describing and make the class a lot of fun. Anyway, I digress. My tips are as follows: always do science in the news, do your homework at home in a place where you can focus and always try your absolute best, try to remember the information as it is being taught, so you do not have to cram it later, practice the problems to ensure you can solve them on the test: the tests are quite difficult, try your best to keep a positive attitude because it makes a big difference in your performance, and last but not least, put your faith in God and trust that he will help you through it.

    This year has gone by in the blink of an eye, probably due to how much fun it was along the way. I really enjoyed Ms. Skinner’s teaching style and I truly can not think of anything I would change. This year has been the best year of my life and I hope that it only gets better from here. It likely will due to me finally getting to take calculus!! I have been doing a personal study of calculus for some time now and I am excited to experience it in a more in-depth classroom experience. Anyway, this year has been fun, and I feel that it has taught me a very valuable life lesson: do what you do not want to do, as it will pay off later.

  8. Chemistry grew me in ways that I would have never imagined. It has shown me that I actually can handle tons of homework and studying for a test and trying to do other things on the side and still get them to get the grades.

    I leave to the future chemistry students——- WHEN MS. SKINNER TELLS YOU IT WILL BE ON THE TEST… IT IS ON THE TEST!! I used to think oh this really won’t be on the test and then I would get to the test and everything I didn’t study would be the test. Also do you web post and extra credit THEY WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE. This class not as hard as everyone says it, time-consuming yes, but it was never truly hard if I didn’t not really pay attention in class.

    One thing I would have changed about how I worked chemistry would be my time-management. It is always something I was and still am trying to work on this school year. Chemistry just made it stand oout alot more that it has in the past.


  9. 1) Chemistry grew me in a number of ways. First I realized the importance of working ahead when you have free time to do so. If I wouldn’t have worked ahead on some of the assignments that we were given, then I definitely wouldn’t have finished in time. Chemistry has also prepared me for higher learning classes, and to not just know, but to know why. I also learned the importance of time management. This kind of plays into what I said earlier about working ahead but I think its just that important. If I wouldn’t have managed my time, I definitely wouldn’t have turned anything in on time. I realized that I am capable of doing marvelous work that is actually well organized and easy to follow, I just needed the drive and guidance on how to truly do it. This year has definitely been my most productive due to this.

    2) MANAGE. YOUR. TIME. If you aren’t careful and keep up with the syllabus, you will get behind. There is no doubt about it that you will. Also, don’t listen to half of what everyone will tell you, chem is not that bad. They will say it’s impossible, and that you can never have an “A”, but that is all imaginary. If you apply yourself and at least make a decent attempt to learn the material, you will not fail. You don’t have to be good at chemistry to make an “A”, you just have to listen to Ms. Skinner, and ask her for help when you don’t understand something. I even did it today! She is really nice and wants you to do good, she’s not the firebreathing dragon some make her out to be. In the end, I’m not saying chem won’t be hard, she will adjust the material and make it more difficult if she thinks she’s being too easy, and she MIGHT consider making it a tad bit easier if no one is understanding, but with the way she teaches, you would have to be trying to not understand her. The main advice anyone will give you is to not stress and to not give up. If you don’t give up on her, she definitely won’t give up on you. She wants you to succeed, but she is going to make you work for it. Also, don’t worry about “The Project”, it’s not as big of a deal as some make it out to be, just be ready to apply yourself and a lot of sourcing.

    3) I don’t feel as if there is very much I could improve on this year. I feel like I was on top of everything pretty well, and most of the homework seemed to get done relatively quickly. One thing I could have done was paid attention to the smaller details of assignments. Each of those silly mistakes was precious points off my grade, and while one or two per assignment isn’t that big of a deal, they add up quickly.

    Overall Ms. Skinner I’ve had a wonderful year learning about chemistry, and I hope to see you in physics! 🙂

  10. 1) Chemistry has taught me a lot this year, going in I knew it would be hard but I didn’t really think I would actually be this hard. Although my grades the first 3 9 weeks were not that bad, I even had an A last night weeks, I have really struggled the last 9 weeks. And although I have struggled I have also learned many things through Chemistry. I learned that I need to manage time better and have better study skills

    2) What I would tell an upcoming chemistry student is that although Chemistry might seem impossible and you might just want to give up, you cannot, you can do it. You need to stay on top of things and don’t just try to get by. You need to apply yourself and never miss a homework because your homework grades will really help you when you mess up on a test or 2.

    3) If there was anything I could of improved on it would be test taking. I tried my best on all the tests and studied the way I was supposed to. I think I just had little slip ups on them that affected my grade.

  11. 1) Chemistry grew me in not being scared to try a new thing, I was so nervous coming into chemistry through horror stories from past students on how the lab reports take up 99% of your time and if you forgot a web post you will fail. I quickly realized how wrong they were, if you manage your time and maximize it you will succeed I learned this the hard way. Chemistry grew me on how to problem solve, think for myself, and to trust the lord. I first learned about myself about how much better I study now compared to last year. I feel like I will succeed much more from this.
    2) For future Chemistry students, Manage your time. You will thank me later, you will push off studying for the test until the night before and you will definitely regret that. You will be scared to take this class, but don’t be it might be the best class for you. One more thing don’t forget your web post !!
    3) One thing I could have done differently was for sure was managing time. I got flooded with homework from different classes and we would have a test the next day and if I would have just studied a little every night it would not be such a big deal when I needed to review.

  12. Chemistry grew me in the area of studying. I learned that I can’t wait until the last minute to study and I had to study differently than I would for any other subject. What I learned about myself is that I wasn’t studying the correct way for a while during this class. When I finally figured it out, it worked much better and improved my study ethic.
    My advice for future chemistry students is to not procrastinate, and create a good work ethic at the beginning of the year. Procrastination is NOT an option for this class, because if you wait until the last minute, you will not succeed, especially for the project!! Also, to work hard at everything in this class because if you don’t, you’re letting yourself down and Ms. Skinner down because she sacrifices so much to teach us.
    Something we could have done differently is gone into more detail about stuff that would be in the multiple choice questions on the test. We did go over a lot of the stuff, but sometimes things were worded differently and I got really confused. Other than that, everything was great, and I learned more than I thought possible through this class, whether it was about chemistry or life.

  13. In chemistry, I learned to manage my time better with all of my extracurricular activities. Chemistry grew me by allowing me to better understand the processes and changes happening all around me. Through chemistry and classes, I learned that by completing my homework early, I already had an understanding for the lesson which I fully understood during class. Although it was stressful at times, this class has grown me as a person and has prepared me for college classes.

    For future chemistry students, I would tell them that they can do it. I know from experience that is not the easiest class. I would tell future students that they have to continuously pay attention and work problems to understand the work. I would tell them to study in advance because you cannot study for one night before the test. Although the class is challenging, everyone can make it through as long as they keep up and believe in themselves.

    In chemistry, it would have helped me learn better to work more problems during class. Although we worked some problems, a more diverse amount of problems would have helped understand all the ways to use a formula. It also would have helped to have more demonstrations, videos, or activities to fully understand how a process or change occurs between two or more different things.

    This year in chemistry was a great one, and I loved the class!

  14. 1- Chemistry has taught me so much this year, I knew it would be difficult. Although I have struggled along the way I have also learned many things through. I learned I need to manage time better and find a way to study that would best benefit me.

    2- I would tell a student is that although although it might seem hard, you can do it. Never miss a homework because your homework grades will help a lot. Web post are SO important so set a reminder on your phone to do it because its so easy to forget and will end up hurting your grade.

    3- the one thing I would change was how long it took me to realize I needed a different way to study. I had been used to just looking over notes for tests but this class made me realize I needed to not only memorize but be able to apply what I knew to tests and homework.

    Thank you Ms. Skinner for teaching me and truly caring for each of your students I have loved learning from you this year!

  15. 1) Chemistry definitely was not easy for me. I struggled majorly in trying to balance chemistry and do plays as well as just having a social life in general. I learned that even though I want to be with my friends and have fun, there has to come a time where I need to set having fun aside and focus on my school work and not just wing it. I have done that with other classes in the past and even some this year but it is very much impossible to do that with chemistry and make the grades you need to have. I learned that I am not good at handling stress and I’m also not good at time management which, in turn, makes my stress soooo much worse especially in this class. With all of that being said, I am glad I took this class this year. I think it has helped me better prepare myself for college which we don’t always get in classes when we are just handed study guides and not made to look things up and figure it out on our own for the most part. College will be more like how chemistry was and I thank you for preparing us for it.

    2) To the future chemistry students:
    do not wait until the day before to study anything for this class. You will fail. It is best to start reviewing the material several days before you have a test. I also would not leave most of your big project to do the day before it is due. You will be overly stressed. Even if you don’t normally get stressed, you will be so stressed, you won’t know what to do next in the project even after rereading the instructions like twenty times. This class is far from easy but it will prepare you for the future mote than any other class. Some of the homework may seem like a waste of time or you may just not feel like doing it but trust when I say you need to push yourself and do every little thing she gives you. That way if you have a slip up on a test, you have all of those other grades to help keep your average up. Over all, chemistry is not the horror story people make it out to be but you do need to manage your time as best as you possibly can so you can succeed.
    Sincerely, Meagan <3

    3) I can't really think of much that would've helped in class. There were definitely things outside of class I could've doen differently to help me succeed more but I don't know of any that we could have done in class. Maybe we could have spent a little more time on working problems in some of the4e chapters seeing as that was typically what I messed up on. I also would have been able to understand things a little easier if we had done more hands on activities and been able to watch more demonstrations because I am a visual learner.

    Thank you for a great year!
    love, Meagan

  16. 1. chemistry has taught me to still keep going with things even if they start to get hard. i went into chemistry thinking that it was going to be terrible and that there was no way i could make it through this class, but it turns out, yea it hard, but i could get through it even when times were rough especially with the project
    2. i would tell upcoming chemistry students to never procrastinate. this is what i did and it hasn’t worked in my favor. and it puts a lot more stress on you and you are going to get more problems wrong due to rushing yourself. then never to give up, because this class is very hard and there will be times that you want to but don’t because you be able to go through thinking that you tried your hardest.
    3. and finally, the most important thing that i wish i didn’t do was not studying. that was probably the worst thing i could have done in this class. i didn’t because i thought i would remember what we had learned but when it was time to take the test it was like my mind went blank. but also the times i did study i would be stressing over the test so much that i just totally forgot what i had remembered. and also i wouldn’t have procrastinated as long as i did. this also made me really stressed.

  17. #1
    Chemistry has taught me a lot, I learned that time management can either break or make your year. I learned that when Ms. Skinner says something, it’s for your own good and that you should follow it word for word without fail. I learned to perfect the things I do because whether big or small a mistake can ruin everything. I learned that no matter how treacherous it may seem, just pull up your overalls and tread through.
    I would tell future students that homework counts. It may seem like not doing that homework isn’t a big deal but when tomorrow comes and you have a test on that homework, regret is gonna hit you like a truck. I would tell them that time management may have been said many times but we’re all right. You need to manage your time wisely.
    At last, I wish I had gone to every single one of those help sessions. I wish I hadn’t of been so lazy and inconsistent with the homework. I wish I had checked and double checked the syllabus for every due date. I wish I had of listened in class as much as I could’ve. But alas, the year is up. Summer has started and I have moved on, but who knows? I might be in here again next year. Learning once again about how important the syllabus is.

  18. 1) I grew in a few ways in chemistry this year, but one way that I grew sticks out to me the most. This year I learned that no matter what God may put you through, He can help you and He will get you through it. Coming into this year, I was really nervous about chemistry because of what I had heard from past tenth graders. That fear changes when I let go of it and let God handle it. I have now understood that I can truly do anything I set my mind to (including making it through chemistry).
    2) The biggest advice that I can give to future chemistry students ties into what I learned not to do. I would say the biggest thing is to not be afraid or scared of chemistry. Just know that It will be ok and that God has you in that class for a reason. You will learn so much about what you can do and what you can learn in this class.
    3) I cannot think of anything you could have done that would have made me a better “expert chemist”. You have shown us not just the information, but how it applies to our daily lives and that is the biggest thing a teacher can ever show in his/her students. Students always wonder if the stuff they are having to learn will ever appear in their life when they get older and you have shown us that it does show up. You have called our attention to give us a better understanding of the wonderful world we live in and I cannot thank you enough for it. Thank you, Ms. Skinner, for being the best teacher to ever teach me chemistry!

  19. never did i ever think i’d be writing my last web post, i never thought it would end. chemistry has definitely grown me in so many ways. i learned that i could do so much more than i ever believed i could. i’ve learned that i need to push myself to do well, i can’t just wing and get good grades like my brother did. also, i’ve learned to not wait till the last minute to do things. if you get a head start on things, it takes so much stress away that you really don’t need especially when you have a million other things to do. future chemistry students, don’t go into this class with a bad attitude! you will have a lot of fun throughout this class and you’ll end up doing things you never thought you’d have to do. being in chemistry has taught me so much, i wouldn’t trade this experience for the world. one other thing i would suggest, DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAS MINUTE TO DO THE MAJORITY OF YOUR PROJECT. i had all the research done by sunday before but i had to pull an all nighter sunday night and monday night to get it done. i finished at 6:00 tuesday morning and hadn’t slept since sunday! (i’m not exaggerating at all, i have live footage of some of it) honestly, there’s nothing you could do better in the future that could help me learn better. you did everything you could, it was me that didn’t put in enough work to get the grades that i could have. i thank you so much for giving me such a great experience. through the many mental breakdowns and the days i was proud of myself for doing my homework, you were there for me and i could not thank you enough for that, ms. skinner! and ms. jackie, i thank you for not being too harsh on my homework grades, lol. y’all are the best and i will truly miss not getting to see y’all everyday next year. love y’all!

  20. 1) This year has gone by so fast and I can’t believe it’s almost over! I feel like I have grown so much as a student this year and have learned some great skills that can help me in the future. I learned that school work isn’t always as difficult as it seems and can sometimes actually be fun. I learned how to work as a team and that it’s ok to ask for help if you’re struggling with something. I learned to put my trust in God, and know that I can do all things with Him.

    2) My advice for future chemistry students would be to go to the help sessions! Watch the vodcasts, take GOOD notes, read the labs beforehand, do the extra credit, and figure out a system that works for you to help you remember your web posts.

    3) There aren’t many things I would change about this class. Though it could be challenging, I think that’s the best way to learn. Thank you Ms. Skinner, for pushing us to be our best and truly caring for each and everyone of us. It’s been a great year! 🙂

  21. I grew from chemistry by learning how to manage time, not get mad and quit, and how to work hard. I learned about myself that i can accomplish things i thought would be impossible. My advice for future Chemistry students would be to not get behind on anything, start studying for test 3 day before the test, do not forget web posts, and DO NOT wait until 2 nights before to do the project it will be very stressful and you will stay up all night. I think I could have learned Chemistry better by being given more time to do examples in class and by having more help sessions.

  22. I have grown in som many ways because of chemistry. One of the first few things is Chemistry helped me not do my homework but do it the morning of. The other thing hemistry has helped me grow in is I now make sure I know how to apply and I don’t just memorize it. The one thing I learned about myself is that nothing is impossible. I walked into chemistry thinking that I wouldn’t even make a B, but I have gone through all of this year without failing a test and I have also made an A every nine weeks.

    Future chemistry students, do not wait until the last minute to study. Also, do not wait until the morning of to do your homework because it will not help your test grades at all. Another thing is always ask if you don’t know how to do something because you will probably not be able to figure out and wheny you get to the test you are not going to know how to do it.

    The one thing I wish we could have done differently is go into more depth about what would be on the multiple choice. I also wish that the past couple of tests we have had we could have gone over them for longer to understand them more.

  23. 1) Chemistry taught me that i was a major procrastinator and no longer could put stuff off to the day of. I need to start applying myself earlier and take school more seriously. Because i didnt i am struggling to pass the class.

    2) My advice is do your homework everyday. They are pretty much a free grade and it teaches you how to do it without even really realizing it. The homework grades just might keep your grade up if you fail tests. You also need to study constantly and not procrastinate. The tests are harder than you think they will be.

    3) I would have done better if i actually went and studied how i said i would and actually paying attention in class. If i took notes in class and made my own stuff to know sheets i would have done so much better.

  24. The way I grew in chemistry is by learning to talk more when we are working problems. Doing that helped me remember formulas easily. The one thing I learned about myself is that I can finish any project, it just takes a lot of time and patience.

    Future chemistry students, do not wait last minute to finish something. You will not get a good grade if you do. Make sure you do all of your webposts because it is an easy 100. It can help your grade a lot.

    The one thing I wish we could have done differently is to have more time to review in class for a test. I think the last few tests we tried to rush to get them in before the year is over and we didn’t review as much as we usually do.

  25. This has been a very interesting and exciting year in chemistry. I have not only learned more about chemistry, but about myself. I learned that I am capable of a lot more than I let myself believe. There were some times this year that I looked at an assignment and just knew that I couldn’t do it. But I got them done and ended up doing pretty well in the class. So I learned that I tend to underestimate myself some times when I shouldn’t. I also learned a lot about how much God can help us in the little things. There were so many times that I thought that what I was stressing about so much was too little for God to care about. But Mrs. Skinner continued to tell us that the Lord will help us balance equations and memorize formulas and she was right. I learned how to completely put my trust in God and let Hik handle my problems. To all upcoming chemistry students, my advice to you is to listen to Mrs. Skinner when she gives you advice. She might sound crazy sometimes but she knows what she’s talking about. If she tells you to start studying two weeks before the test, that is the only way you will make an A! And when she tells you to never stop putting your trust in God, listen to her because that is the only way you can keep your sanity! And if there is one thing we could have done this year to learn more in chemistry, I can’t think of it. I think that we did as much as possible to get the most out of the year we had to learn. I have learned so much this year about chemistry, life, and trusting God.

  26. Through Chemistry i grew in several ways. I learned how to think deeper about everything whether it is something small and silly or big and super important. About myself I learned that I need to work on my studying skills and how I can make them better to prepare myself for college. To not start studying the night before a test because that will not always work.

    For future Chemistry students I would tell them to never get behind. Always use your free time to get ahead or finish up work. There is so much work that goes into Chemistry and if you get behind you will not do well.

    If there was one thing I would want to do differently with Chemistry to help me learn I would want to do more interactive lessons. I am a very hands on learner and I love doing small demonstrations and things to learn.

    Thanks for so much fun in Chemistry Ms. Skinner!! i’ve enjoyed the class so much 🙂

  27. I’ve learned a lot from chemistry like how to manage my time, how to prepare for test, and a bunch of techniques that I can use in college. Chemistry has helped my grow in my life skills and my school skills. And I’m very grateful for that.

    To future chemistry students I would say listen to Mrs. Skinner and do exactly what she says because it will help you. Always give yourself some time to study and prepare for the test. Also manage your time for the big project and always double check on everything before you turn it in. Do your homework, web post, and labs because that will help if you make a bad grade.

    There’s not much I would change about how I did this year. I would just try to not get distracted or listen for the little hits you give for the test. Thanks for a great year Mrs. Skinner!

  28. It’s hard to believe this is my last web post comment. This year went by so fast, and I learned so much from it. One of the main things I learned was to accept failure and move on. Too often in life we get hung up on past mistakes, and it keeps us from moving forward. This year in chemistry, though, I could not get hung up on doing bad on certain assignments, I had to take it in stride and instead focus on the future. This was especially prevalent for me with labs, because I often did not read the whole thing and ended up forgetting to do an entire section. I also learned that chemistry is not what I want to pursue in college, though you made it enjoyable.

    For future chemistry students, my advice would be to enjoy it while it lasts. I don’t think I fully realized until writing this web post how much I’m gonna miss Mrs. Skinner. It was difficult at times, but it was all doable. If you just let yourself enjoy the class instead of counting down the days until it’s gonna be over, it’ll be so much more fun. I would advise you to listen and learn the first time, rather than expecting Mrs. Skinner to reteach a lesson because you weren’t listening. Labs and homeworks do affect your grade, but if you do all of them to the best of your ability you should be fine. The same is true of chemistry in general; if you give it your very best effort you should be fine.

    I really enjoyed your teaching style this year, Mrs. Skinner, but the pace was a little bit slow for me. At some times it felt like we weren’t learning anything, or that we were spending excessive time on topics that almost everyone in the class had already mastered. This may have been due to us going at the pace of the slowest period, so I’m not sure what the solution is. It also seemed like just as I figured out how to consistently and quickly do lab write-ups, we stopped having labs. This semester in general it felt like we had much fewer labs than last semester. I think we also could have done more with computers; there are a lot of simulations out there and I think playing around with different variables could give a deeper feeling for certain things. Overall, though, these are just minor nitpicks, and I have never taught chemistry so I don’t know the potential difficulty/side effects of implementing these changes. I’m really gonna miss chemistry class, and specifically you Mrs. Skinner. You’re the best science teacher I have ever had by far, and you really helped cultivate my love for science.

  29. (1) Chemistry taught me a whole lot about how things work in the world and how things could be done better. I learned about myself that I always put things off to the last minute.

    (2) The advice I would give to future chemistry students would be. Make sure you always take notes, always do your homework, study harder, and never put things off till the last minute.

    (3) The thing that probably got to me the most, would be the memorization. I wasn’t willing to memorize the things I was supposed to and that came back around at the end of the year to haunt me. Luckily I memorized a lot of things on the go, while doing the homework’s and other stuff.

  30. Wow, this year has gone by so fast. Looking back at myself when this year started I am amazed at how much I have grown. This year has taught me how to study in the way that most helps me, how to work ahead, and how to not panic when faced with a large assignment. The biggest thing I learned about myself is that I need to get more comfortable with asking my teachers or classmates for help instead of trying to figure it out myself.

    To future chem students; don’t stress about this year. Ignore the rumors you hear about how horrible this class is because I promise it will be one of the best you will ever take. Appreciate Mrs. skinner while you’re in this class because she is truly the best and works just as hard as you do to really prepare you for college and life. Also, always do your homework, web posts, and science in the news; you’re going to need every good grade you can get. Go to Mrs. skinner’s help sessions, you might think you understand how to do something, but it’s always good to practice and if you don’t understand, there are people there to help you. Start studying for tests as soon as you see them on the syllabus, it will save you from having to stay up all night because you waited until 2 days before. Good luck and make sure and have fun this year in chemistry, if you have a positive attitude, you’re going to love this class.

    I honestly can’t think of anything you could have done differently. I should have made more time outside of class to rewatch vodcasts and review throughout the year, but I felt that everything we did in class and for homework was all the help I needed. It would have been helpful to have some practice problems and answers on the website for practice, but science geek does kind of the same thing.

    Thank you so much for this year Mrs. Skinner, I am so glad I took this class at this school. And I really feel that you have prepared me for anything that lies ahead for me in the next two years. I’m really going to miss this class and having you as a teacher. Have a great summer!

  31. Chemistry made me a stronger studier and made me realize that when I put in my max effort, I can achieve a lot in chemistry. Chemistry made me realize that I needed self-discipline and motivation to finish strong.

    For future chemistry students, I would tell them to try their very hardest and to attend EVERY help session. Whenever I attended the help session, I noticed a higher grade on my test score.

    I really wish I would have attended more help sessions and attempted to write up more labs.

    Thanks for all the help sessions Ms. Skinner!!

  32. Chemistry was by far the hardest thing, academically and emotionally, to ever happen to me. I grew mentally by learning to move on from mistakes and becoming better. School wise, I learned what studying should be like (and not be like). This class honestly was terrible, but I wouldn’t trade anything for the experience and that amazes me. Most importantly, I learned that chemistry is not for everyone, and it’s OKAY if you aren’t good at it. It’s simply a right of passage for high school.

    For future chemistry students: STUDY. GO TO HELP SESSIONS. ASK FOR HELP WHEN YOU NEED IT, DON”T BE SCARED TO ASK FOR HELP. Even if you are . bad at chemistry, do your absolute best and you won’t understand this for along time, but when you do LIVE BY IT. By the way, it’s a myth that you get an “A” if you sit in the front row. I tested that theory. (When it comes down to it, choose sleep over school. It’ll be worth it)

    As I do feel prepared and ready for whatever school throws at me after this class, some aspects of it were questionable. It was a pain and I didn’t sleep that much from August to May. There are other classes besides chemistry. The Project, however, must stay.

  33. chemistry grew me in a lot of ways. i really broke out of my shell and wasn’t afraid to try new things. it grew me in ways i couldn’t imagine. i have become a better student by being in chemistry by studying and striving for excellence. this class was really horrible but i wouldn’t trade it for anything. it has shown me i can do anything. it has made me very confident. if i had to give any advice to coming up students it would be to not wait to the last minute, always strive to be great, never give up , always study and YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!! this class will be horrible but never give because you can do it. also, trust in god through the whole experience because he will help you get through all of it. if i could say anything to help chemistry it would be to practice more and more in class. i didn’t feel as prepared for some tests as i thought i was. i just wish we could have practice more in class. i really loved this class to be honest. i didn’t think i would like it but i enjoyed going to it everyday!

  34. 1. Chemistry has been a bumpy ride. Many times I have found myself being completely out of my comfort zone, and I hated it. However, I felt that I really grew as a person. I learned how to deal with massive amounts of stress in healthy ways, such as taking time for myself and being patient with finishing assignments. Many things in life can’t be finished in a matter of minutes and can’t be completely checked off a list. Chem has also taught me the importance of hard work and how far it can get a person, from failing to passing a test, we always learn something from it when we do our best.
    2. Oof. There are so many things I could advise future students about chemistry. For starters, don’t do your homework the day its due. Set a reminder on your phone for webposts. Make a class group chat (believe me, you won’t regret it. even after you get 200 texts a night). Take deep breaths when things get overwhelming and focus on your goal. Go through chemistry with other people (you’ll bond because of it). Always read all the directions (especially on lab writeups). Don’t wait till the last minute to study for a test. There are so many things that I could tell them, but honestly, I think they just have to learn it for themselves.
    3. Honestly I could have asked for help when I needed it more. It is so hard to get out of my comfort zone and ask a question, so I will continue to work on this throughout the rest of my high school career.
    Thank you, Ms. Skinner, for everything you’ve taught me and done for me. It has truly been a blessing to be in your class.

  35. This year I’ve learned about myself is that I procrastinate way too much. Chemistry is something you should never ever procrastinate on or you’re setting yourself up to fail. Trust me, I tried it at the beginning of the year but it’s been to go ahead and get it the work over with just incase you have questions about anything.

    My advice to future chemistry students is DO THE WEBPOSTS AND EXTRA CREDITS!!!! (again you’re setting yourself up to fail if you don’t) Even though these are little tasks they can greatly make a difference in your grades, I promise. Also always ask questions because 99.9% of the time Ms. Skinner has the answer. Ask about problems you have trouble on or ones you don’t understand. Ask for examples or extra practice to make sure you got it down pack. Ask if certain types of problems will be on the test. (HINT: Ms. Skinner would be the one to know!) Future students, y’all are going to love labs because it’s going to make you feel like a real life chemist. (remember the lab rules) Don’t stress over the chemistry project that everyone talks about. Between you and me it’s really not that hard just read your directions, work on some of it everyday, and take a deep breath every now and then. Y’all got this. I know you think chemistry is extremely hard and you’re going to feel like dropping out but it gets better i promise.

    I don’t think there was anything that could’ve prepared me more. Is there some things I would’ve done differently, yes of course. This class definitely prepares you for any other science class. Just for hands on purposes, I wish we could’ve done more labs. I really felt like a chemist. Thank you so much Ms. Skinner for a great year, I feel like i can take on the world now.

  36. 1. Ok so chemistry was so out of my comfort zone. This was a good thing even if it really didn’t feel like it at some times. One thing this class has taught me is that you will fail and sometimes you have to accept that. Not meaning you should settle for it but that it is okay and honestly sometimes a good thing to fail. This c;ass has helped me realize this and i wish i would’ve applied it sooner. You’re always told that it is okay to fail but I’ve never actually listen to this people. You’re going to fail at many points of your life, so you might as well learn how to deal with it now. Chemistry also helped me understand the importance of stopping and taking a break or working on something else and coming back. Sometimes you just need to look over something with fresh eyes to figure out what is going wrong. Stressing about one small aspect is such a waste of time when you can complete the rest of the work and come back to it and mostly likely be able to do it.

    2. Dear future chem students, it will be okay. We are living proof. It may seem impossible at points, and you’ll want to cry and scream and quit, but don’t. never give up. You’ve got this. I know chemistry has been said to be this awful horrible beast but i promise mrs. skinner won’t actually bite you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, even if you think they are stupid. Trust me, I probably asked something way dumber than what you will. It will be a lot of work, stay on top of it and don’t get behind. Web posts are your friends, don’t forget them. A group chat is a blessing, make one, it has saved my entire periods life at some point and it will bring your class closer. Work together! No man is an island, don’t forget that your classmates are in the same boat as you are. (P.S. The project isn’t life ending if you don’t procrastinate. Start early. Ask for help. Source everything. Don’t over work yourselves though. Please take breaks, they will help.) At the beginning of the year you won’t believe me when i saw you will miss it. Sixth period was the highlight of my day sometimes. Enjoy your self and everything will be just fine. I promise.

    3. More practice problems would’ve been much appreciated. I know regulars does more than honors, but sometimes the best way for me to learn is doing multiple class problems. Talking it out with everybody is a big help to me.

  37. Well chemistry taught me how to manage my time and that when things get tough you just gotta keep on going because it gets better throughout the year and what I would tell other people is don’t procrastinate because it will just be harder for you to get your grades up near the end of the year

  38. Chemistry has helped me grow in my faith, trusting in the Lord with everything that he has for me including my homework! I’m way stronger than I thought I was and I’ve learned persistence. I was also reminded that I am a bad procrastinator but it has become slightly better.

    I would tell future chemistry students don’t wait to the last minute for anything and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

    I don’t think there was anything we could’ve done differently that would have helped me learn more 🙂

  39. 1. This year I’ve learned a lot from chemistry. I learned you should never get in a hole, or put off what you can do now. But I learned instead of not doing homework and getting in a Deep hole I should have started and finished strong instead of digging myself out of the one I’m in now. But I learned a much harder work ethic.

    2. I would tell future chemistry students to make sure to do all your homework and try your hardest on everything.

    3. I think one thing that could have been done different was to ask questions. A lot of times I would find myself confused and try to figure it out for myself instead of asking someone else or Mrs skinner how/what to do. Which always came back to hurt me.

  40. Chemistry helped me grow this year because it taught me how to do deeper thinking when I’m answering questions and it taught me how to manage my time a little better than I’ve done in the past. And I what I learned about myself is that I’m a HUGE procrastinator.

    The advice that I have for future chemistry students is that whenever you get an assignment do it that night, don’t wait until the last minute and think you’ll be fine because you won’t.

    I don’t think there’s anything we could’ve done differently to help me.

  41. Chemistry taught me a lot….

    Chemistry taught me several things. One of those things being how to “school”. I didn’t really know how to “school” before I was in chemistry, I have learned that school is hard, it is time consuming, and most of all, it is hard.

    Chemistry also taught me how to fail miserably. I am super glad to be done with this class once and for all (Except for summer school). I am actually glad I failed because it taught me several life lessons such as don’t procrastinate and work consistently. Thanks for the good and bad memories Mrs. Skinner and I hope you have a fantastic summer.

  42. Chemistry greatly helped me to grow in my critical thinking skills and study skills. I learned how to effectively study where I not only know but know why. I also can now study to where I retain information instead of just learning it for a test and then completely forgetting it. Looking back to the beginning of the year, my critical thinking skills were much weaker than they are now, although I look forward to strengthening them even more in the coming years. I also learned the importance of time management and to not procrastinate large assignments. Because of ExploreZone, I believe I came out of my shell a little more and I learned how to better deal with stress under pressure.
    My advice for future chemistry students is to always work ahead on assignments and start studying for tests early even if you are able to do it in short amounts of time because it will save you a lot of stress. Make sure to not get too caught up in the stress of all the work so you can actually enjoy learning about chemistry because it’s actually very fun. Always do your web post and make sure to always do your homework and remember to turn it in because it adds up quickly and can majorly affect your grade. Always go to help sessions, and never turn down an extra credit opportunity because it can also majorly affect your grade- just for the better. Also do not procrastinate working on the project unless you are ok with not sleeping in the nights before it’s due. Even if you are fine with it, still don’t procrastinate because will not turn out well. My last piece of advice is to always take Ms. Skinner’s advice and do what she says because she knows what she’s talking about and only wants the best for you!
    I do not think we could have done anything differently to help me learn better. Ms. Skinner, you are the best teacher I have ever had and made me thoroughly enjoy and have fun learning about chemistry even though I thought I hated science in previous years. A little more practice on certain topics may have helped, but practicing at home mostly replaces the need for extra in-class practice.
    I love you, Ms. Skinner and will miss you so much next year! I can’t wait to (hopefully) have you for honors physics in a few years!

  43. 1) Chemistry helped me to work harder and start my hw and such earlier so i dont get clustered. I learned i can do the hard stuff if i try my hardest and manage my time properly.

    2) You have to start your work early and be able to accept a few F’s. Your grade isnt just about the test. You have to do the labs too, that is a big part of your grade. I didnt really try on the labs at first because i didnt think they would do that much to my grade. I have now learned that they made a huge difference. Just do the work.

    3) Nothing really I just need to take notes. I did not take many notes if any and didnt listen to well, I though i would be able to just go back and look at the vodcast but i would put it off and then never end up doing it.

  44. Chemistry is a tough subject and you do have to apply yourself. I usually don’t study too much for tests and do fine but chemistry taught me that studying is more than just memorizing and looking over notes, it’s actually applying what you know and how to use that information to help you later in the year. It has taught me to manage my time because I do tend to procrastinate when I don’t want to do something. It has also taught me that failing is not the end of the world, honestly the only test I did good on was the first one and after that I’ve never passed a test since but, its ok because if you do your homework, labs and webposts it will help keep your grade good.

    When studying always know what you’re doing and how to do it. As Ms.Skinner says don’t just know, know why. Always go to the help sessions, even though I didn’t go to many and regret it, I still advise you to. Also, first day you get the project work on it and don’t stress yourself out, I did this and it helped me about stressing the night before it’s due. Do apply yourself and don’t give up the light is at the end of the tunnel and you’ll feel great about yourself when it’s over.

    This year was great and how you teach is great I wouldn’t change anything about it 🙂

  45. Chemistry taught me that I need to struggle to grow as a person. Chemistry showed me that I have to make an effort in school and life now. Before, I could just not do homework or study and rely solely on tests to pass my classes. That is not the case with chemistry and I feel that it will not be the case further on in my academic and professional career. Life requires effort.

    To summarize my advice for future chem students, I would say “try” you WILL NOT PASS if you don’t try. You have to actually study and you have to do homework and web posts and extra credit. It’s a lot. But it’s going to grow you as a student and as a person.

    I cannot think of a way that I could have learned more easily. Everything is set out in order to succeed. I only wish that I had tried harder. I honestly regret that.

  46. Chemistry has taught me how to be patient about assignments and to ask God for help when I am struggling. I learned that I work better when I am not stressed and/or under pressure.
    My advice to FUTURE CHEMISTRY STUDENTS is to do HOMEWORK, try different study methods, and do your web post. All of those tips can boost your grade dramatically.
    I could have spent more time actually studying for tests instead of just looking over my notes. I also could have taken my time on my homework instead of rushing to get it done.

  47. 1) I’ve learned how to handle stressful situations a lot better than I used to and Ive learned that I can handle a lot harder things that i thought I could.
    2) Stay focused do NOT wait till the last minute. You cant procrastinate if you want to succeed.
    3) I think I have learned so much about being a better student. I wish I could have warned myself the dangers of waiting till the last minute. Also, I would start things earlier so I wouldn’t have to stay up so late, so I wish I knew that.

  48. Wow… my very last web post in honors chemistry. I still can’t believe it’s over. I’d like to start by saying thank you! You have helped me tremendously and I’m forever grateful!
    1. Although I did not do as well as I had hoped, I can definitely say I grew a lot this year. I learned ways I prefer studying and ways I understand a lesson. I found out just listening in class and even reading over the same notes that night will help the material stick into my brain much longer. I would also say I grew in maturity and responsibility. I have never been the smartest or top of my class, but I always tried to keep up with my fellow honors students. I barely tried and studied but still managed to succeed. Chemistry is not the same at all. I had to actually try very hard, most of the time even harder than my classmates, and I still never got to where they were and that’s okay.
    2. My advice for FUTURE CHEMISTRY STUDENTS is: Don’t take every failure to the heart. Learn from your mistakes. Remember that everyone is different in strengths and weaknesses so not everyone will learn as fast as others. Remember you can always talk to Ms. Skinner or Ms. Jackie for help. That’s what they are here for. DO YOUR WEBPOST!!! Those grades can help you or hurt you. You decide. And MOST IMPORTANTLY, when times get rough (and they will) take some time out of a long night when you’re crammed with a huge work load in every class even this one to just PRAY to God for strength to finish strong and keep you in His hands and give you a clam mind. If I can finish this year, so can you! And I’m here for any help you may need! Good luck!
    3. I would definitely say that studying for longer periods of time and PRACTICING my problems would have helped me tremendously. It’s not always about studying notes and memorizing charts. Sometimes you just have to practice problems over and over until you can do them in your sleep.

    Once again, Thank you very much for your constant, endless love and support to me this year! Even when I did not believe in myself, you believed in me enough for the both of us!!! I love you dearly Ms. Skinner and Ms. Jackie! Enjoy your summer and I’ll be sure to visit the classroom! 😉

  49. #1
    From being in chemistry I have learned so much about myself that I honestly had no idea about prier to taking the class. For starters, I never thought that I could do so much in one day. From chemistry I have had to have time management skills. It has taught me to not procrastinate on anything, but to instead try to do it before it is even assigned (sometimes I did this lol). Secondly, I have learned to stop second guessing myself so much. This was a huge lesson from chemistry. At the beginning of the year I would always question every little detail, whether that was a simple assignment or a huge test. No matter what I would spend a ton of time on just a small fraction of an assignment, leaving little to no time left for the rest of it. The third thing I learned from chemistry was to never give up. In chemistry, like many know, there are times I just wasn’t going to get it. Though it may have taken days or even weeks for me to understand a certain topic, I learned that I had to learn it to its full extent. This was only possible through determination (which through chemistry I now have a lot of) and the will to learn (which I always had). Overall this has been an amazing year in chemistry and I wouldn’t trade the lessons I have learned for anything. They have made me more of who God wants for me to be. So, for this, I say thank you!

    Dear future chemistry student,
    Oh my goodness I have so much advice for any future chemistry students. First of all let’s just get this out of the way. At first you are probably going to hate chemistry. Almost all of us did, but eventually it grew on all of us whether we realize it or not. You just have to keep going and never give up. That brings me to my second point. You must have determination. There isn’t a white flag in chemistry that you can throw up when the going gets tough. You have to just keep on trucking. Chemistry is definitely hard, believe me I know, but YOU’VE GOT THIS! The third piece of advice it to work on time management. You will literally need this all year long. Sometimes you will feel incredibly overwhelmed with chemistry work, extra school events or sports, and school in general. This, I know, but you must learn very quickly to juggle all of those things at once and still do the best you can. Though that may sound like a lot, because it is, I know you are capable of doings great things. The last tip of your chemistry survival guide is the thought of failure. IT IS OKAY TO FAIL SOMETIMES! Everyone who has walked through the same doors of Northpoint have passed and failed at many things. Me, for example, I was good at taking notes and understanding them, but when I would go to take the test I didn’t do nearly as well as I thought I should have. So, were my grades the best…no, but that was okay. I just tried better the next time. You will quickly realize that no matter what you do in life or where you go, that there will always be good and bad things that occur, but how you end that race is what people will remember. In conclusion, NEVER GIVE UP KEEP ON TRUCKING!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love, Brooke

    I believe that overall this chemistry year went pretty well, but I do believe there could have been a couple of changes to enhance the experience and help me in a few ways. The first thing that came to mind was the help sessions. I understand fully that you had many many classes with many many students, but help sessions just weren’t a ton of help to me. For me, it felt like I was sitting through another class period. This was because there was so many people in there at one time. In my opinion, I feel like either on-on-one time or maybe small group sessions of some sort would be a lot more helpful. The second thing that came to mind was just how many days we were learning. Yes, I know that sounds so stupid but just let me explain. After looking back at the year, I realized that we didn’t really just have many days were we could just ask questions and practice problems and stuff like that. Instead, if we started confused on day one of a certain topic we normally stayed confused until the end of the topic. This might have been some of my fault for not asking as many questions as I should have, but more practice days would be helpful in my opinion. Other than that I really can’t think of particular thing.


  50. I learned a lot this year from chemistry. I learned to not procrastinate and think outside of the box. Not waiting till the last minute to study and do work before the night before really improved my grades in chemistry as well as in other subjects. My advice for upcoming chemistry students is to stay on top of your work, never procrastinate, and never get discouraged if you don’t do your best on an assignment because if you work hard you will always be able to improve! Also, GO TO EVERY HELP SESSION! They help very much. I don’t think anything could have been done to help me learn chemistry better, but when we would work problems out together in class on whiteboards really helped to make the information stick in my brain better.

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