Physics 2-12-19 Angular Momentum & Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation, Pt. 1

PHYSICS: Wait! There’s a fourth law? Yep – Newton’s law of universal gravitation! So when you jump off of something, the Earth moves, huh?

You’ve learned little g, now you know big G! Good job setting up the formulas, also make sure you can apply the concepts.

Ready to escape? We’ll tackle the rest of the applications of this law tomorrow!

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14 thoughts on “Physics 2-12-19 Angular Momentum & Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation, Pt. 1

  1. This week I rate myself a 4/5. This rating appeared applicable because I finished the Reverse Scavenger Hunt in a very timely manner and I feel confident about my answers. Also, I was able to complete tonight’s homework relatively easily. However, I could have started reviewing our notes for the test in order to alleviate stress and urgency, but I failed to do so. Overall, this has been a good week and I had a considerable amount of fun at Main Event.

  2. This week I rate myself a 4/5. I got really far ahead on my work and it allowed me to take more of a break today after Main Event. Also, working ahead on the reverse scavenger hunt allowed me to work ahead on more chem homework. 🙂 The Reverse scavenger hunt was a lot of fun and it really helped me learn the information compared to if we would have just heard you tell it all to us. The only thing that keeps my rate from being a 5 is that I lost in laser tag. 🙁

  3. I am freaking out about this test. I am getting super confused on the problems and I don’t know what’s going on.
    I’m glad that we are having a help session tomorrow and we are reviewing. But since I’m not gonna be there I have to watch the podcasts and won’t be able to ask my questions. I am going to try to watch the conceptual videos and look over the past podcasts. Hopefully I can come out on top and persevere through this chapter.

  4. So far, this week in Physics has been really good! We learned SO much about rotational inertia, universal gravitation and attraction, and several real-life applications of these concepts—always something that makes me happy! I especially was in awe of God’s intricacy and detail in His creation when we learned about tides—so amazing!! I loved all of the demonstrations in class, and I often referred back to them when doing challenging conceptual problems to help me come up with an explanation. I’m so glad that the test has been moved—this chapter is definitely a large one, and I need a lot of practice and review before I can confidently say that I have all the concepts nailed down! Also, Main Event today was super fun and a wonderful break from school!

  5. This has been a fairly successful week in Physics! I am ready to study all the concepts from this chapter this weekend for the test. I am so glad we decided to move it to Tuesday because I had a lot going on this week. I think if I really spend a lot of time on all the concepts and practicing math problems, I can do okay on the test!

  6. For me, this has been a good week. I think that I understand all this information on circular motion and feel prepared for the test that is coming up on Tuesday. The only concern that I have right now is if I understand it conceptually. I’ll definitely be using my long weekend to looking over the material again and even watching some Hewitt(?) videos. I know that I can do the problems but I am still going to look at my past homework. Kind of disappointed in myself for not going to the help session but I slept in today. I’m starting to get nervous about this test but I am going to study really hard for this test.

  7. This week in physics went pretty well. I am a little worried about the amount of material that will be on this next test, but I’m gonna study really hard over the weekend. The problems aren’t my biggest concern; I am nervous that the conceptual/multiple choice questions will hurt me the most. Hopefully I will do well!

  8. I am pretty nervous about this test, but I plan on using the long weekend to study, so hopefully that will help. It is a lot of conceptual stuff, and I have been struggling with it. I feel pretty good about the math problems, especially since the help session. Have a good weekend, Ms. Skinner!

  9. This week’s been pretty good! Some of the concepts in this chapter are definitely deeper and harder to understand. It’s crazy to think that torque is in this chapter too– it seems so long ago! I’m thankful for the long weekend to have a little extra study time. I know I’ll be using Hewitt’s conceptual physics book to study!! I’m always so thankful to be able to borrow it! Hopefully I’ll be able to remember how to work all the different types of problems as well as understanding all the conceptual stuff like tides too. Thankfully I made it to the help session for at least some time! Happy Long Weekend Ms. Skinner! 🙂

  10. This chapter is HUGE! There’s so much covered. It could honestly be about 3 chapters, but I know in college we will have to manage big tests like this! I am so happy the test was moved though. I have a plan for studying. As usual, concepts are my weakest spot, but I’m going to get it by Tuesday!

  11. This week has seemed fairly light with homework, so that’s always a plus. I need to focus on conceptual questions for this upcoming test as usual. I am hoping I can recover this weekend from the creeping crud that has ailed me for the last week, as I currently sound like I have tuberculosis. I’m relieved we have the long weekend to study, though. All in all, I’m glad it’s the weekend and that I didn’t forget this web post.

  12. This chapter has been very challenging. I feel like I know it but as soon as I start working problems I just forgot things and mix other things up. The math portion I don’t think will be that bad on the test I just really worried about the conceptual. I’m going to work hard this weekend and study for the conceptual problems on the test.

  13. This week was a pretty good one. I’m going to make sure I study a little extra over the weekend, just because there is a ton of material. I’m probably going to worry about the conceptual more than the problems, since most of the problems are rearranging the formula then plug and chug. But we shall see how it goes.

  14. This week was very good. I feel more in control over the chapter we are studying since yesterday’s review, and I am excited to take the test Tuesday. This chapter is extensive, but I am honestly enjoying learning about everyjutng we have talked about these past few months. The conceptual as well as the math problems have the potential to mess new me up on Tuesday, but I know studying Sunday as well as Monday will help me the most with this. Thank you for reading.

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