Physics 12-5-12 Chapter 5 Review Worksheet 2 Problems

PHYSICS – Now this is a lot of grocery carts! I’m not going to even think about how much work would be done in moving them!

Here’s the vodcast of the work we did today on problem 10 from the first chaptr 5 review Worksheet, and then a few others from chapter 5 review worksheet 2 – #5, 14, 18 and 19. Homework tonight is to do the Standardized Test Prep on pg. 186 – 187, #1 – 17.

Help session Friday morning!

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Hon Chemistry 12-5-12 Quantum Numbers

CHEMISTRY: How’re you doing? Confused yet? Don’t worry – today you learned all the background information about quantum numbers, tomorrow we’ll put it all together and it will begin to make sense. If you didn’t hear the lecture today, this is for sure one that you want to watch!

Homework tonight is changed a bit since we didn’t get to electron congifurations. Still do the research on the back of the syllabus, but hold off on the book homework. Let’s play with arrows tomorrow. And the rules won’t be bad, I promise!!

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