Chemistry 12-3-12 Chapter 3 Test Overview

CHEMISTRY: What about a mole of popcorn to help you study? Great review today! I’ve updated the Chapter 3 Stuff to Know & Know How to Do Sheet – be sure and check it out!

Help session Thursday morning, 7:15ish A.M. Meanwhile, be actively studying for your test, and practice practice, practice! Take your notes and make practice test questions with different colored highlighters. Practice the memorization by making quizzes for yourself. Practice drawing and discussing Thompson and Rutherford’s experiments. Practice working the average atomic mass problems, practice using isotope symbols to find protons, neutrons, electrons, AND practice writing and naming chemical formulas! Have you tried for practice or the online textbook review games? God bless you as you study. I’ll be praying for you!!

Hey, we’ve been talking about what makes up an atom – do you think those particles are made of anything smaller? Let’s check it out tomorrow!

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Hon Chemistry 12-3-12 Intro to Quantum Mechanics

HON CHEMISTRY: Great job on quantum mechanics today! We’ll set it up with electrons tomorrow. Don’t worry, it’s supposed to be a little strange, you’ve never heard of this before, right? We’ll go slow again tomorrow and you’ll get it, I promise! By the way – the beginning of the vodcast has some of the problems from last night’s homework. How’d you do on them?

Here are the two video clips that we talked about in class that I want you to watch. Animated Quantum Video is the one we watched in class. It explains all about why scientists began to believe that electrons could be acting as waves. The next video clip, Quantum Mechanics, explains more about the role of the men we studied today in the development of the quantum model of the atom. You will be responsible for the information in both videos. And they’re both really good, I promise!

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