ACT Science Reasoning Test Prep, Part 1, for now… 5-16-12

Wow! Did you realize there was that much involved in getting ready for one test? The ACT is so very do-able! All the answers are there, you just have to use what you know how to do to find them, and that takes practice, practice, practice.

Do you have a better grasp of the skills that you’ll need and techniques you can use to be successful? Save this vodcast for later, and be sure to watch in several weeks before your next ACT. What an ACT prep day this summer before the June ACT – maybe Monday, Jun 4, or Thursday, June ? Let me know what you think. Fun times!!! πŸ™‚

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32 thoughts on “ACT Science Reasoning Test Prep, Part 1, for now… 5-16-12

  1. Ms. Skinner,
    Thank you SO much for doing this. I feel much more confident about the science portion of the ACT now!

  2. Ms. Skinner,
    This year has been way to fun. I have enjoyed doing the fun labs, laughing and praying before we took the tests. I hope you have a wonderful wonderful summer. Also, I hope you have a great class next year and that you love them as much as you loved us. but don’t forget about us πŸ˜‰ Love ya Miss. Skinner!!
    -Nicole (your all time most favoritestest student that ever lived in your class) jk. no but seriously!

  3. I never knew there were so many tricks and things to consider while taking the ACT. I’m glad we went over this. Thanks.

  4. I really appreciate you going the ACT practice with us. I wish I would’ve known how to make my own ‘luck’ when I fist took the ACT. I’ll be sure to use these tricks next time. Thanks! It’s been a GREAT year being in your class.

  5. Ms. Skinner,

    Thank you for all of the ACT ideas you have given to us this week. It will be beneficial to me when I take the ACT in October. Even though it has been tough, this has been a really fun year of Chemistry for me. I am looking forward to becoming a Junior and seeing you next year.

    -Destin Mathis

  6. Ms. Skinner, this year in chemistry has been a very interesting, albeit difficult one. What we’ve covered in class these two semesters will definitely stick with me for the rest of my years. Thank you.

  7. If we do have the ACT prep class on the 4th could you possibly record it for those who can’t be there?

    • Katie – You’ll bring your scan-tron to me Monday and I’ll run it for you so you can see how many you got right! πŸ™‚

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