Chemistry 5-15-12 Intro to pH

CHEMISTRY: Wow! Can you believe it? The laaaaaaaaaaaassst official chemical lesson of the year! Nope, I can’t believe it!

Great intro to the properties of acids and bases. You did a great job on figuring out pH. Acids mean H30+ ions and pH, bases mean OH- ions and pOH. Get the pH of an acid straight from the concentration of the acid. Get the pH of a base by first finding the pOH straight from the concentration of the base and then subtracting that from 14. No problem!! So how do you think someone would use pH?

Don’t forget about learning those indicator colors I told you about. Can you think of anything else that might be a natural indicator? What about tea? Have you noticed how it changes to a lighter shade when you add lemon? Speaking of hydrangeas, here’s one from my back yard. Kind of out of focus, but can you spot the “visitor” in the right corner?

Hon Chemistry 5-15-12 Change in State

HON CHEMISTRY: So that’s why even in July you are so cold when you get out of the pool! So today was the laaaaaaasssst lecture of the year – an overview of the implications of change in state. So again, which is worse, a boiling water burn or a steam burn? And now do you understand why we are made out of so much water? Isn’t God great! In every thing and in every way He made us is for a purpose!!

Caution – You know I told you I forgot to turn on the mic – well here is a vodcast from a few year ago, and the video is two-toned. Yep, that’s what I said, two toned. But it still has good info, so I think you can live with it. 🙂

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