One Last Help Session & Good Luck Studying for Exams!!


Good luck studying for your chemistry & honors chemistry exam! It is super, super important so study YOUR VERY BEST and remember to practice, practice, practice! This exam can make a HUGE difference in your average. FINISH STRONG, like you’ve been working all year!! Make flashcards out of the vocab, formulas, types of chemical reactions, etc. Practice writing chemical formulas, balancing equations, working the problems – try the practice tests on, they’ll be really helpful. And get yourself plenty of snacks! 🙂

Do you need one last help session? I’ll be at school Tuesday morning at 7:15ish if you’d like to practice or if you need some help with something!

How’s the exam review coming? You know, I don’t just give you that thing for the extra credit. I give it to you because it will help you get organized and help you remember everything that’s going to be on the exam. As you answer each topic, keep studying it, if you’re having trouble! You don’t do the last few items that we didn’t go over in class. I’ve linked a copy of the exam review below, if you need it. Good luck, I’ll be praying for you!!

Chemistry Exam Review Packet
Honors Chemistry Exam Review Packet

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7 thoughts on “One Last Help Session & Good Luck Studying for Exams!!

  1. Ms. Skinner, do you want 3 examples of the use of the ideal gas law? Or do you just want one example? (#62,63,63)

  2. There are several problems on our review which cover material from last semester. Are these going to be on our exam?! Please help. Numbers 34-43.

    • Will – Wow! You are right. I must have saved the old version instead of the new one. You are only going to have to know how to write and name chemical formulas. That’s a year long thing, not just a semester thing. That means you may omit numbers 35 – 40, the ones about oxidation numbers, formula mass, polymers, etc.

  3. Have a great summer ms skinner!!! I enjoyed being in your class! It was really fun and i had a BLAST!! 🙂

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