Chemistry 2-29-12 Atomic Radii & Ionization Energy

CHEMISTRY: Happy Leap Day! Here’s the lecture on the first periodic trends – atomic radii and ionization energy. You made some great connections today! Let’s finish second ionization energy tomorrow. 🙂

Hey, as you are studying for the test (and you are studying, aren’t you?!?), don’t forget the element videos in Vodpod collection below. To review the properties and uses of the elements for the test, it would be a really great idea for you go back and view hydrogen, potassium, mercury, copper, arsenic, phosphorus, and chlorine. And you might just learn something along the way! You can view the videos on these and all of the elements on this cool website, Just click on the elements, it’d be a great review as you start to prepare for the test. Wait – did I say test?!?

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21 thoughts on “Chemistry 2-29-12 Atomic Radii & Ionization Energy

  1. What is the username and password for the online textbook? I can’t hover my mouse over it since I’m on my iPad.

    • Jake – I just sent you the info at your gmail email. Holler if it don’t get it and I’ll try it again.

    • Cornelia – You have to go to, not the regular I can’t remember if I changed your password or not, so first – go to the edu glogster and try the password you changed it to. If that doesn’t work, then try the password that I told you I would change it to. Also – no spaces in your user name, and the password is case sensitive. Holler again if you can’t get it to work!

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