Chemistry 9-21-11 States of Matter & Changes in State

CHEMISTRY – Hey guys! Great job with states of matter today! Lot’s of review, but did you learn some new stuff? Be sure and get the vocab down, but don’t forget to go back and make sure that you can apply what you learned! Let’s take this whole properties this a step further tomorrow!

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2 thoughts on “Chemistry 9-21-11 States of Matter & Changes in State

  1. Ms. Skinner, what did you do on today’s lesson? I was sick today? Did you do lab today? Is it possible for me to make it up tomorrow during lunch time?

    • Lily – We missed you! I’m so sorry you were ill – hope you are feeling better! We took the first symbols quiz today, and then did a quick lab. Let’s talk about when you can make up the lab. It won’t be that difficult to make up.

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