Physics Help Session – Monday Morning, 7:15ish A.M. ….or 7:20ish

PHYSICS – Would you guys like to have a help session Monday morning? Sorry for the late notice, but Jakin asked and it’s okay with me. Just in case, I’ll be there Monday morning around 7:15ish…. or probably closer to 7:20ish since it’ll be Monday morning! 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Physics Help Session – Monday Morning, 7:15ish A.M. ….or 7:20ish

  1. Hey Ms Skinner,
    I can’t come to the help session because I have to sell Homecoming T-shirts. Is there any chance we could have another?

    • Lily – Just make sure you get the front and the back. The back has two graphing exercises that you are going to need later this week.

  2. I wasn’t able to make it either due to a doctors appointment. Even if its after school, I’d like to have another one because I feel unsure on some of the problems.

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